• New feature – New payment on account feature which allows users to accept payments against customer balances in the accounting application and to have those payments included in the cash reconciliation
  • Update – We’ve updated all suggested matches for customer units to include the plate/reg# to make it easier to identify a unit when a customer has multiple units of the same type
  • New feature – User can now assign Tags to all labor codes.  They can be used for filtering grid search. They can also be used for assigning specific deal charges to specific locations on custom forms
  • New feature –  Add the ability to add negative other charges to vendor invoices
  • Update – Added a total to the Technician Time section of service jobs to make it easier to know the total hours that have been logged onto the job
  • New feature – Customer reporting now has a column for Store Credits.  Reports can now be generated to monitor store credits on customer accounts
  • Update – Service worksheets now include the date when the job was opened as well as both the odometer in and out values
  • Update – Invoices now include the customer ID# and adjustments were made to that long email addresses wrapped to a new line


  • Correction – We’ve corrected the dropdown sort order for Make, Model and Submodel so that they are always sorted alphabetically
  • Correction – We’ve fixed broken hyperlink to the customer record from the customer owned unit screen
  • Correction – We’ve corrected the order totals on closed customer orders with third-party claims so that those totals don’t give an incorrect indication that there is a balance owing
  • Correction – We’ve resolved a number of minor UI formatting issues


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