• New feature – Changing the ownership of a customer owned unit is now enable.  This new functionality is available either when view a customer owned unit or when creating a new one for a customer.
  • New feature – New ability on deals to set the category that will be assigned to a traded in unit when it is stocked in from the deal
  • Update – Updated Xero integration to process sales tax as line items for invoice and bill transactions for regions outside of Australia
  • Update – Enhanced handling of Australia Notional Input Tax Credits on inventory units stocked in through unit receiving


  • Correction – We’ve resolved issue which incorrectly restricted Plate/Reg expiry dates from containing dates in the past
  • Correction – Corrected issue adding units to deals caused by unit option descriptions containing an excessive amount of text.  Text on these options is now limited to 80 characters
  • Correction – We’ve updated the restriction on closing deals with open internal service jobs on the deal units.  Restriction will no longer be enforced when the internal job is a third-party claims
  • Correction – Occasional rounding issue on vendor receivings which caused a sync failure of the accounting journal entry has been resolved
  • Correction – Corrected issue which caused duplicate unit submodels to be created for a model
  • Correction – Corrected issue in the new Payment on Account feature from 2.11.0 which provided an incorrect total when multiple outstanding invoices were selected
  • Correction – Resolved deal accounting issue which occasionally caused to costs from deal service/merchandise to not be included in the deal COGS journal entry


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