• Enhancement – Enhanced cost permission controls to restrict access to part cost vs unit costs
  • Enhancement – Improved controls and reporting of vendor order expected dates
  • New feature – Ability to record a customers PO# on customer orders
  • New feature – New print option in Cash Reconciliation for the transaction type summary
  • New feature – New setting on due dates on vendor invoices based on payment terms defined in Quickbooks
  • New feature – Added a wide range of data columns and filtering options to the Service Jobs searches
  • New feature – New filter option for Product History searches to enabled reporting of product sales by sales type ie: Part Sale, Service, Deal
  • Update – Unit record price and cost summary now includes overall totals
  • Update – Moved the Australian NITC accounting entries out of the Invoice and Bill entries sent to the accounting application.  This change allows us to avoid GL account restrictions which are imposed by the accounting application in invoice and bill line items.  For customer invoices they are now included in the COGS journal entry. For Bills they are now in their own journal entry which is posted along with the Bill.


  • Improvement – Increased the font size of the customer name and CO# on customer order invoices
  • Improvement Hide the cost controls when adding labor codes and technician costing has been enabled
  • Correction – Issue related to adding a deposit to a customer order prior to selecting the type of sale being processed has been corrected
  • Correction – We’ve resolved accounting sync issue caused by finalizing a vendor order which has a zero total.  Invoices with a zero total will no longer be synced
  • Improvement – We’ve added timeout toast message suggesting the user refresh their browser tab when slow internet speeds are causing the application not to respond
  • Correction – We’ve resolved the issue with reports not loading caused by the user having read-only costs permission
  • ImprovementReceipt printer document from customer order now titled TAX INVOICE for the Australia market
  • ImprovementAdded loading icon when populating the create customer window to eliminate issues with using drop downs prior to the window being fully populated
  • Correction – Corrected unit receiving issue which prevented a unit from being received caused by the same submodel appear in multiple models.
  • Correction – Updated the invoice summary search from the homepage to ensure that the resulting list matches the value from the homepage.  Both of these will now use the date when the invoice was finalized.
  • Correction – Resolved issue preventing the user from searching for vendor returns using the RTN number
  • Correction – Corrected minor UI issue which did not properly format an element on the screen


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