• New feature – Part location management – New system setting for managing the defined locations. All pre-existing locations on part records will be automatically setup as defined locations upon receiving this feature
  • New feature – Part Counting Tool – New tool allowing the user to create count sessions to record physical counts of their part inventory.  This tool facilitates Random counts, Cycle counts and Full Inventory counts. It includes new permissions to control which users can create/modify the count sessions and which users can actually finalize them.  When accounting integration is enabled a journal entry will be generated reflecting the changes to the part inventory when a count session is finalized. This first version of the count tool does not provide the ability to import count files.  Importing functionality will be available in late October.
  • Update – Added ability to alter the sales tax settings when working with a temporary unit on a deal


  • Correction – Removed users ability to change the category on a deal trade-in once the deal has been invoiced
  • Correction – Resolved issue with selecting other vendors parts on a vendor order
  • CorrectionResolved occasional “locked row” issue when syncing transactions to Quickbooks


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