• New feature – Part Counting Tool – New ability to import count files into a count session including a tool for resolving issues such as duplicate or invalid parts in the import.  Also added ability to delete an active count session
  • New feature – VO Import option – Implemented a new VO import option for importing SOM/Generic .csv files.  First row of the import file must contain “Part#” and “Qty Ordered” in the first two columns.
  • New feature – Deal Option tax calculations – Implemented logic to ensure that Part, Labor and Sublet deal options are taxed based on the tax code that controls the tax calculation on the unit itself.  This ensures that the unit and all of the part, labor and sublet deal options are taxed in the same way on the deal.
  • New feature – BRP IntegrationActivated the BRP integration to now work for a live BRP dealer.


  • Correction – Locations on VO/VRCorrected issues causing VO and VR to not always reflect the current location of the part record.
  • Correction – We’ve resolved the issue caused by multiple clicks when saving job clocking entries.
  • CorrectionWe’ve corrected issues causing cookies to not be properly saved for the Cash Drawer and Branding Location settings for a workstation.
  • Correction – If there is only 1 service job on a customer order and nothing else only then we will show provider information in the invoice preview.
  • Correction –Homepage widget totals for Third-party and Internal jobs was not accurately reflecting the number of jobs.
  • CorrectionWe’ve corrected issues adding new models to a make.


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