• New feature – Barcode labels: Formatting of all barcode labels have been improved with an updated layout which now also includes the store name and locations of the parts
  • New feature – We’ve added customer detail to all customer order searches.  This includes customer order, service job, part sale, deal and deal unit searches.
  • New feature – Scripts now included to generate the required data files for the SOM integration.
  • New feature – Price Levels can now be found in the System Settings screen in preparation for changing the Tax Management screen to be for sales tax management only


  • Correction – Accounting integration will no longer attempt to post a payment journal entry when the total payment is zero
  • Correction – We’ve corrected cash rounding issue when cash payment is accepted first which caused a discrepancy between the total invoice and total payments
  • CorrectionWe’ve resolved rounding issue causing occasional integration sync failures
  • Correction – We’ve resolved issue with creating vendor orders when the vendor has both parts and sublet that need to be ordered
  • Correction – Issue related to trade-in inventory accounting entry when category for the trade unit was changed on the deal has been corrected

Patch release 2.17.x

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