Feature Release 2.21.0



  • New feature – Optional short label format – we now support both the existing large format as well as a new shorter format which accommodates only 1 description line vs two on the large format
    • Large> 89mm X 36mm or 3.5” X 1.4” Dymo code=30321
    • Short> 89mm X 28mm or 3.5” X 1.125”  Dymo code=30252

    Backend configuration setting controls which one is used by an org

  • New feature – Price file import tool now allows user to control which package setting should be obeyed, either the one on the price file or the one on the part record
  • New feature – Adjusted the automatic View Related part window so that it is only auto-displayed when the available quantity on the part is zero



  • Correction – Corrected the hyperlink for categories in grid search so the user is taken to accounting integration setup instead of the old Kendo grid  for categories
  • Correction – Corrected issue found when reporting oversolds
  • CorrectionAmendments to forms for a specific customer
  • CorrectionResolved issue loading customer orders which contain kits that do not have related line items
  • CorrectionResolved issue caused when a trade-in was removed from a deal that already had options committed which incorrectly set the deal status back to Quotation
  • CorrectionResolved error condition caused when selecting the Print action from a customer order that only contains a quotation deal
  • CorrectionResolved issue caused when user changes deductible amount after it had already been invoiced to the customer
  • CorrectionAdding warning to the add appointment screen informing the user that they cannot save the appointment until they have selected a COU
  • CorrectionResolved issue which occasionally caused a financing product to not be included in the deal totals
  • CorrectionResolved issue causing name on deductible invoice to not be that of the customer
  • CorrectionImplemented scripts for the resyncing of Xero transactions
  • CorrectionPart in deal options are now obeying the price level control set for the customer
  • Correction – Resolved display issue on IPad devices in the following area
    • Homepage widget headings wrap
    • Save button on Co line items
    • CO service job section
    • CO deal section
    • CO deal financing section
    • CO claim response window
    • Part counting tool
    • Add vendor window
    • System settings tiles
    • Checkout window
    • Post checkout view related modal window issue



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