Feature Release 2.25.0

Feature Release 2.25.0 https://youtu.be/m8biS14S91A  What’s new? Ordering Packaged Parts as Individual Items If a part is setup in Blackpurl to be a packaged part, this new enhancement will allow users the ability to now order this packaged part as individual items from another Vendor (other than the Primary Vendor on the Part Record) For further […]

Feature Release 2.24.0

Feature Release 2.24.0 https://youtu.be/nTAoVFeoQlM  What’s new? Customer Order Parts PicklistThis feature will provide a full list of parts required for the Customer Order in a new section called Parts Picklist. It will also allow the Dealership to indicate if they have PULLED the parts from stock.For more information, please review our article –  Customer Order […]

Feature Release 2.23.0

Feature Release 2.23.0 https://www.youtube.com/embed/iD_9xzrjiec  WHAT’S NEW? New feature – Automated Price Files Tool Provides central repository to store vendor price files with Dealerships can subscribe to the price files  Automatic notification of new updates being available Allows markup matrix for calculating prices and costs Optional english/french descriptions where available Allows category mapping (if applicable) The […]

Feature Release 2.22.0

Feature Release 2.22.0    WHAT’S NEW? New feature – New and improved Tax Management screen.  This new screen makes it easier to manage tax rates and tax codes.  It also separates them based on where they are used, either in selling or purchasing transactions New feature – Implemented restrictions to ensure that the assignment of a […]

Feature Release 2.21.0

Feature Release 2.21.0  WHAT’S NEW? New feature – Optional short label format – we now support both the existing large format as well as a new shorter format which accommodates only 1 description line vs two on the large format Large> 89mm X 36mm or 3.5” X 1.4” Dymo code=30321 Short> 89mm X 28mm or […]

Feature Release 2.20.0

Feature Release 2.20.0    WHAT’S NEW? New feature – Parts supersessions – updated the logic for superseded parts so that The price file import properly sets the new superseded fields on the part record When a superseded part is added to a customer order the user is automatically presented with the View Related modal window […]

Feature Release 2.19.0

Feature Release 2.19.0    WHAT’S NEW? New feature – Printable receipt now generated when A/R payments on account are finalized.  This receipt shows all outstanding invoices and credits, which ones were paid and what remaining balance is owing. (GR) New feature – Parts supersessions – updated the logic of the Replaced By and Replaces relationships for […]

Feature Release 2.18.0

Feature Release 2.18.0    WHAT’S NEW? New feature – Implemented new Quickbooks Online authentication method OAuth 2.0    IMPROVEMENTS AND FIXES: Correction – Form correction for specific customer Correction – Correct Xero payment syncing issue Correction – Corrections to SOM file generation scripts   Patch release 2.18.x 2.18.1 New feature – Packing slip document from […]

Feature Release 2.17.0

WHAT’S NEW? New feature – Barcode labels: Formatting of all barcode labels have been improved with an updated layout which now also includes the store name and locations of the parts New feature – We’ve added customer detail to all customer order searches.  This includes customer order, service job, part sale, deal and deal unit […]

Feature Release 2.16.0

WHAT’S NEW? New feature – Part Counting Tool – New ability to import count files into a count session including a tool for resolving issues such as duplicate or invalid parts in the import.  Also added ability to delete an active count session New feature – VO Import option – Implemented a new VO import […]