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“We’ve got experience as an organization with Windward, Lightspeed and DealerVu and today we're using Blackpurl. The biggest impact Blackpurl has brought to our company is the people and accounting. It’s been an easy system for employees to transition into and to deal with the customers directly”
Derek Bannister
Owner - Banner Recreation and Marine

Banner Recreation Favourite Features

Easy system to learn

Dealership Management Software Accounting Integrations

Accounting integration

Target slow moving stock of parts

Inventory management

Why They Made The Switch

Banner Recreation has used multiple different DMS systems before such as DealerVu and Lightspeed and they switched to Blackpurl for multiple reasons. Those systems weren’t as user friendly to deal with customers directly. Accounting and inventory are much easier to track and report on with Blackpurl than all of the systems they’ve used in the past.

What is a Marine Dealership Management System?

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