Feature Release 2.10.0


  • New feature – We’ve improved the date selector throughout the system to allow for easy navigation to, and selection of, specific dates
  • New feature – Ability to search CO numbers in the job clocking tool
  • New feature – We’ve added an action on vendor orders to allow the user to add parts not assigned to the same vendor
  • New feature – When technician labor costing is enabled the user will not be able to set a service job to Complete status when it contains clocking entries but does not contain a labor line item


  • Correction – Issue where sometimes the scheduler would create duplicate customer orders
  • Correction – We’ve increased the size of the colour fields on unit records
  • Correction – We’ve resolved the issue when attempting to generate a PDF from a report
  • Correction – We’ve resolved the where a deal could not be progressed from the Quote to In Progress status
  • Correction – Rounding issue when sending vendor invoices to the Xero accounting application
  • Correction – We’ve resolved the issue where zero value journal entries were being sent to Xero
  • Correction – We’ve resolved the which was restricting the user from entering alphanumeric characters into the make/model fields of a unit
  • Correction – Date formatting issues in report results in the Australia market has been corrected
  • Correction – We’ve resolved the missing values on the Fusion report
  • Correction – Date issues caused when a user was setup with a different timezone than the company have been corrected
  • Correction – Issue which caused deal reporting to show an incorrect trade-in value has been corrected
  • Correction – Resolved an issue in accounting entries from internal labor sales when technician costing is enabled
  • Correction – Corrected issue where WIP cost values in reporting could not be included in the totals for the report


Patch Releases 2.10.x

  • 2.10.1 – Correction – Corrected 2.10.0 deployment issue which caused VO export action to flicker and not function
  • 2.10.2 – Correction – Enforce 21 character limit on vendor reference numbers in unit adjustment entry to resolve sync failures caused by these numbers being too long for the accounting application


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