Feature Release 2.3.0

  • Correction – Non-inventory parts will no longer show a quantity available when suggested matches are shown in customer order searches.
  • Correction – Resolved issue with Applicable Tax list not being populated when an order unit is accessed from search results.
  • Correction – Resolved display issues caused by user multi-clicking on both the payroll and job clocking actions in the top navigation bar.
  • Correction – Resolved scenarios where a customer order could remain with an Open status when there is nothing left to invoice.  Generally related to removing the last invoiceable item or refunding balance of deposits.
  • Correction – Ensured that default VO type is assigned to vendors created as a result of enabling the Is Vendor flag on a customer.
  • Correction – Resolved issue of multiple clicks on the Parts sale tile which caused linked fees to be added multiple times.
  • Correction – Removed the ability to edit a Vendor Receiving once its been reconciled by a Vendor Invoice.
  • Correction – Ensured that inactive users are not visible in the Admin permissions group.
  • Correction – Resolved issue where closing an internal service job would close the customer order even when it contained an open deal.
  • Correction – Updated allowable file types for documents uploaded to a customer order to include .jpeg.
  • Correction – Corrected formatting issues for printed documents when a customer order job contains a very large number of line items.
  • Correction – Resolved issue where the global search no longer showed matching keywords when the user has only entered a single character in the search.
  • Correction – Resolved issue where multiple service jobs are added to a new customer order because the user multi-clicked on the service job tile.
  • Correction – Resolved issue which caused the generated accounting entry to be missing the sales tax amounts. Related only invoicing a claim deductible along with other taxable items.
  • Correction – Resolved issue causing a sublet line item to be duplicated when edited after being received.
  • Correction – Resolved issue where customer names would not accept non-alphabetic characters.
  • Correction – Corrected small formatting issue on customer invoices.
  • Correction – Resolved printing issue for invoice preview when there are no line items on the customer order job.
  • Correction – Resolved display issue of occasional blank deal summary section.


Patch releases

  • 2.3.1 Resolved the user permissions issue related to removing images from units
  • 2.3.2
    • Resolved minor issue with changing statuses on deals
    • Resolved minor issue with inability to invoice deal merchandise


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