Feature Release 2.5.0


  • New feature – Added ability to Backdate Invoices, Payments and Deposits in customer orders when user has the Backdating permission enabled


  • Correction – Resolved issue with duplicate appointments for the same service job.
  • Correction – Resolved issue with vendor receiving being saved with blank packing slip # due to the entry of a value that has already been used.
  • Correction – Resolved issue with generating an export containing a large number of records from reporting.
  • Correction – Resolved issue with setting a deal status back to In Progress.
  • Correction – Corrected display of job name in the line item move action.
  • Correction – Remove additional pop-up with moving ordered items from one section to another.
  • Correction – Issue display the calendar date picker in the claim response wizard.
  • Correction – Resolved issue with including the Assign Technician action inside the create appointment window when the action to create the appointment came from the customer order job.
  • Correction – Restrict user from changing Who is Paying for the Job once the job status has been set to Complete.
  • Correction – Enforced descriptions on sublet line items and sublet code definitions.
  • Correction – Resolved incorrect warning related to temporary units on deals when it does not contain temporary units.
  • Correction – Resolved issues with incorrect committed quantity on a part when it was originally added to a customer order as being sold and then change to being returned.
  • Correction – Corrected issue with order lots not being properly reset when they are turned off for a part.
  • Correction – Corrected an issue related to moving special order parts between sections when they have already been ordered on a VO.


Patch Releases 2.5.x

  • 2.5.1 Correction – Resolved date range issues in searches for Australia.
  • 2.5.2
    • Correction – Updated backdating invoice restrictions to ignore reversed and reversal payments as well as charge on account payments.
    • Correction –Updated cash reconciliation to ensure that it properly reflects the payment date of payments/deposits instead of the created date.
    • Correction – Resolved reference error in unit receiving when the same model exists for two different makes.


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