Feature Release 2.6.0


  • New feature – Improved the deal workflow to allow deals to be invoiced even though their supporting Deal Merchandise and Deal Service have not been finalized.
  • New feature – Customer order profitability screen will now include the profit for options which have yet to be committed to the deal.
  • New feature – New notes field now available on customer records.
  • New feature – When searching for parts the suggested matches will now also include additional information about its vendor and location.
  • New feature – The View Related action for customer order part line items will now also include references to identical part #’s from different vendors.
  • New feature – When creating a unit, any of the Make/Model/Submodel fields can be used to search for the desired make/model/submodel combination.
  • New feature – New drivers license number field is now available on customer records.


  • Correction – Resolved issue where a deal could not be selected in checkout after actioning all Unresolved Fulfillments
  • Correction – Resolved an issue where the user was able to invoice a deal without having actioned the Unresolved Fulfillments first.
  • Correction – Resolved an issue causing a user entered ACV on a trade-in to not be saved.
  • Correction – Resolved an issue causing tax not to be calculated on a part when its tax settings are altered after the part was already added to a customer order.
  • Correction – Resolved issues causing discrepancies between licensed users and their related time clocking staff entry.
  • Correction – Corrected timeout issues when loading a customer order.


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