Feature Release 2.7.0


  • New feature – Xero accounting integration for Australia.
  • New feature – Improved duplicate customer sidebar when adding new customers.
  • New feature – Store name is now shown on internal service on stock unit customer orders instead of “UNIT INVENTORY”.
  • New feature – In customer order, the number of active orders for the customer is now actionable which provide the user with access to the list of all active customer orders for the customer.
  • New feature – Service job headers will now show more than just two lines from the concern field. 
  • New feature – Removed the limitation of 5 on the licensed user screen.  Now it will allow for as many licensed user as have been purchased.
  • New feature – In customer order, the Create New Customer action has been moved to the suggested matches drop down when searching for a customer.
  • New feature – Switched to using browser cookies for identifying devices for cash drawer assignment as the previous unique user ID logic allowed two devices to have the same ID occasionally.  Requires that user browsers not automatically clear or reject cookies from their Blackpurl domain.


  • Correction – Barcode labels now by default work with 3 ½” by 1 4/10” labels to better accommodate long part numbers.
  • Correction – Corrected the pagination issue on vendor orders when adding line items.
  • Correction – Corrected issue with incorrect error message when entering a duplicate packing slip number on vendor receiving.
  • Correction – Corrected various issues when working with kits where some items have fixed prices and some items do not.
  • Correction – Corrected an issue in cash reconciliation where values entered by the user were not always saved.
  • Correction – Ensured that the Print action button is always available to the user on Receipt format invoices.
  • Correction – Corrected an issue where the delivery date on deals was not always being saved.
  • Correction – Corrected a vendor order printing issue caused when it contained a large number of line items.
  • Correction – Eliminated the ability for the user to accidentally created multiple deals on a single customer order.
  • Correction – Corrected issue causing sublet requirements being duplicate when they were edited after having been received.
  • Correction – Corrected issue cause shop supplies to not be recalculated when a service job type is switch to or from a type which does not include shop supplies.
  • Correction – Corrected an issue which allowed the user to finalize a third-party service job without completing the claim process.
  • Correction – Corrected issue which did not allow the user to enter negative fees on deals.
  • Correction – Corrected issue when reversing a cash payment.
  • Correction – Corrected line item saving issues on iPad devices.
  • Correction – Corrected discrepancies caused by the name of the Financing payment method being different in Checkout and Deposits.
  • Correction – Corrected vendor order printing issue which rounded fractional quantities to being a whole number on the document.
  • Correction – Corrected issues which allowed the user to sell the same unit more than once.
  • Correction – Corrected issue which allowed the user to add service jobs and deals to closed customer orders.
  • Correction – Ensured that required parts added from a Partsmart picklist properly generate a special order requirement on the customer order.
  • Correction – Corrected an issue encountered when attempting to delete a task in job clocking.
  • Correction – Ensured that the action for adding items from Partsmart is not available whenever a section is in a state which does not allow line items to be added.
  • Correction – Ensured that BRP integration icons are not available when the feature is disabled.
  • Correction – Correct value on line 42 of the Fusion report to ensure that is uses all the GL accounts mapped to the line item.
  • Correction – Ensured that sold units never appear when searching for units on a deal.


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