Feature Release 2.8.0


  • New feature – Branding locations for multiple businesses from a single org.  Users have now the ability to customize documents. Business name, address, logo, etc.
  • New feature – Unit Adjustments – We’ve added the ability to control the date and category used to expense the adjustment.  Also, the ability to generate a vendor bill/credit from the adjustment entry.
  • New feature – The labor costing can now be based on technician clocked hours.  (To enable this feature you must first populate each technician’s costing rate and then a support case needs to be raised so that dev can turn on the feature and run required scripts to update active service jobs.)


  • Improvement – We’ve Improved performance of part and customer searches from the global search and STA’s (search to adds) within customer order
  • Improvement – We’ve updated the technician hours and performance reports to include WIP invoice hours thus allowing for a more accurate technician efficiency.
  • Correction – We’ve resolved issues caused when changes were made to a sublet during receiving and those changes were not reflected properly on a related deal and when a sublet line item that has already been order was edited and an additional requirement was incorrectly generated for the sublet.
  • Correction – We’ve resolved issue where Send Text action did not always work from the customer screen.


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