Feature Release 2.9.0


  • Enhancement – Ability to modify the Concern/Cause/Correction which was added to service jobs from a kit.
  • Enhancement – Added the ability to finalize a vendor invoice which only contains other charges.
  • Enhancement – For vendor invoices pushed through the Xero integration we will now set the Due Date based on the payment terms defined in Xero.
  • Enhancement – Added the ability to modify the stamp duty on deals when rideaway pricing is enabled.
  • Enhancement – In unit ordering the category field is no longer an optional field will always be exposed. The user will be forced to select a category so they can ensure that the unit is properly classified.  The drop down list of categories will also be sorted alphabetically.
  • Enhancement – Vendor Receiving document will now include the location field for parts which were ordered for stock.
  • Enhancement – User can now assign Tags to all fee codes.  They can be used for filtering grid search. They can also be used for assigning specific deal charges to specific locations on custom forms.
  • Enhancement – New shop setting to control if labor hours and rate appear on CO documents.



  • Correction – Resolved issue causing occasional large blank area in a service job
  • Correction – Corrected UI issues related to using Blackpurl on Microsoft EDGE
  • Correction – Resolved issues when modifying the length of an appointment in the scheduler
  • Correction – Resolved occasional issue which would not allow a CO to close
  • Correction – Corrected issue causing repetitive requests for setting the cash drawer
  • Correction – Corrected rounding issue on labor costing
  • Correction – Corrected issue searching for business names
  • Correction – Resolved branding location issue on internal customer order invoices
  • Correction – Updated Xero integration to include logic for NITC on traded in units
  • Correction – Corrected issue with invoice preview total being zero
  • Update – Updated the filters on all service job searches so that Completed service jobs are included in the grouping status called “Open”.  This way by default the Open Service Jobs report will include all Work in Progress (WIP)
  • Correction – Resolved an issue with edited quantities on VO line items not being saved when the user entered a value and shifted their focus away from the line item without tabbing off the line.
  • Correction – Corrected an issue where the Invoice Preview did not always have the correct totals when it included an active service job

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