Marine Dealership Management System

What is a marine dealership management system?

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In a marine dealership, there’s more to a transaction than just a unit sale. Parts, accessories and follow-up service are all areas where additional profits can be made and all need to be accurately tracked and managed.

But unless you have the right dealership management system, chances are you aren’t running as efficiently or as profitably as you might be.

Over the past fifty years, dealership management systems have traditionally been server-based systems for managing inventory, sales and accounting. These proprietary systems were slow, lacking in transparency and very time-consuming and not many dealers had good things to say about them.

Today the industry has been disrupted by Blackpurl’s cloud-based dealership management system and dealers now have the tools, transparency and mobility to run their businesses from the palm of their hand.

Blackpurl’s marine dealership management system features smart order processing, intelligent inventory control and accounting integration. It gives dealers real-time insights into how their business is performing and how they can improve their productivity and their bottom line.

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How can a dealership management system help me run my marine dealership?

Our platform is entirely cloud-based and gives you the tools to run your business your way. Features include;

  • Remote access – run your business from anywhere on your tablet or smartphone.
  • Cloud-hosting – no hardware or servers and no need for IT.  
  • Immediacy – access to real-time data, including instant profitability reports for each job.
  • Accuracy – intelligent inventory control showing what units and parts you have in stock at any time.
  • Transparency – departments that all talk to one another, from sales and finance to parts and service.
  • Simplicity – a system that’s easy to learn, easy to use and integrates seamlessly with programs like Xero and Quickbooks.


Blackpurl’s marine dealership management system will help you control, manage and improve every area of your business and is an investment that’s guaranteed to provide a great ROI.