Marine Dealership Management System

What is a marine dealership management system?

What is a Marine Dealership Management System (DMS)?


A marine dealer management system (DMS) is a decades-old business solution that allows dealers to better manage their shops on a day to day basis. From parts and service to sales and inventory, marine DMS was invented to digitize the array of tasks dealers were made to do manually. 

Pen and paper invoices got messy, physical files got lost, and human error ran rampant. That’s where DMS came in at the beginning of the 1990s to help dealers manage their growing dealerships.



What is a Marine Dealership Management Platform? 

Since then, however, dealerships have changed. Marine dealerships have moved far past four walls and a showroom – and so have their technology solutions. 

Dealership management platforms are fully-integrated, cloud-based, dealership management solutions. DMS runs on Windows 95, but dealership management platforms run on the same technology as your favourite apps and integrate with other best of breed accounting, CRM, and e-commerce solutions. 

Marine dealership management platforms turn the conventional DMS model of hefty start-up fees and restrictive contracts on its head. Operating on subscription models, you only pay for what you use and are able to tailor your packages to your dealership’s needs. 

How Does a Marine Dealership Management Platform Operate in Your Shop?

We could sit here and tell you all about how a dealership management platform operates in your marine dealership, but why don’t you see for yourself? 

Thousands of marine dealers are considering migrating to dealership management platforms to run their shops – even more have already made the switch. See why.

Does a dealership management platform have all the features I need to me run my marine dealership?

Our platform is entirely cloud-based and gives you the tools to run your business your way. Features include;

  • Remote access – run your business from anywhere on your tablet or smartphone.
  • Cloud-hosting – no hardware or servers and no need for IT.  
  • Immediacy – access to real-time data, including instant profitability reports for each job.
  • Accuracy – intelligent inventory control showing what units and parts you have in stock at any time.
  • Transparency – departments that all talk to one another, from sales and finance to parts and service.
  • Simplicity – a system that’s easy to learn, easy to use and integrates seamlessly with programs like Xero and Quickbooks.


Blackpurl’s marine dealership management system will help you control, manage and improve every area of your business and is an investment that’s guaranteed to provide a great ROI.