Patch Release 2.2.x

In this patch releases we’ve made a few corrections to feature release 2.2 (sprint 82).

  • 2.2.1 Corrected unique situation where a service job would appear twice in checkout
  • 2.2.2 Corrected PartSmart file format issues
  • 2.2.3
    • Resolved issue where invoiced VR’s were appearing in a vendor invoice
    • Resolved issue causing Quickbooks sync failures for vendor invoices containing a large number of line items
  • 2.2.4 Adjusted the font size of the company name on documents so that larger names would fit onto one line
  • 2.2.5
    • Resolved restrictions imposed on deal service jobs where the deal unit is still on order
    • Resolved unique scenario where vendor invoice was not properly synced to Quickbooks

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