You want to know that you can rely on Blackpurl to run your business and do what you need it to, right?

Smart order processing

Spend more time delighting your customers, and less time trying to adapt your current software to your business.

Instant create

Blackpurl is so easy to use, you can create from anywhere with a single click. If you want to sell a jacket to a customer, special order a part, receive goods or generate invoices, it’s all easy, intuitive, and available from one single button.

Moreover, because everyone on your team is using the same app this means that your parts counter, service department and sales team are always connected and informed.

Flexible checkout

It’s straight forward to process a part-payment, accept a deposit, complete a special order for a part, or process payment for a complete customer order. Invoice a customer in full or split their invoice, take a deposit and order a part. It’s so simple to complete because we track the customer order, rather than creating an invoice for each of your customer’s needs.

Email invoices

Create and email invoices for customer orders with ease.

Sell units, parts & service in a single transaction

Blackpurl adapts to reflect the needs of your customers. If you need to add a part, create a service, sell a unit or process a return. You can do all of this from one single screen and one customer order.

Blackpurl guides you along the way so this means that you won’t have to worry about training your team to learn something new. Better still this ensures that best practices are applied every time, and your team can efficiently complete every task with ease, even when you’re not there.

Easy access your customer data

Keep in touch with your customers and track their purchase history. Blackpurl automatically creates a profile for each of your customers. From this profile, everyone in your business will be able to view a customer’s details and their purchase history. This helps to improve the efficiency of your business and in turn, this increases your customer satisfaction.

Intelligent inventory control

Streamline your business processes, increase your team’s productivity and automate your ordering. That means greater profitability and consistent cash flow for you.

Parts inventory

Manage and control your parts inventory with ease. Blackpurl tracks all of the inventory coming into and being sold by your business so that you can easily identify your costs and profitability.

Create kits

Easily create and sell a user defined group of parts, labor or fees with custom pricing to ensure that your servicing or specific jobs are completed efficiency and accurately. You’ll no longer need to remember or look up what’s included in a scheduled service. Now everyone on your business is an expert.

Vendor ordering

Perform consolidated purchasing from all of your vendor orders and business needs. You can select and action special orders for a specific customer, or view and process orders for all of your business by a vendor or stocking suggestion. Blackpurl predicts what you’ll need and helps you to maintain your stock levels.

Suggested ordering

Never run out of a part again. You can set minimum and maximum inventory levels to ensure that you always have the correct inventory to hand in your business.

Enhanced cash flow & accounting

You have complete control over your price-levels, profitability and accounting integration

Accounting integration

Blackpurl offers integration to QuickBooks Online and batch accounting integration to MYOB accounting software (Xero is coming soon) so there’s no doubling up at data entry time. Invoices, purchase orders, payments and receipts automatically transfer to significantly reduce the time you spend doing bookkeeping.

True FIFO accounting

Only with Blackpurl can you maintain and manage a 100% accurate parts costings for your inventory. No more averages or best guesses.

Flexible price levels

Select tax inclusive or exclusive pricing and specify the exact price levels you want for your business. Invoice customers according to their individual pricing levels.

Foreign exchange

Manage foreign exchange rates and landing fees to achieve real vendor reconciliation. This allows you to verify the prices that you received against what you’ve ordered, and manage the fees associated with each transaction.

Optimised for workshops & dealers

Nobody loves using their dealer management software. That’s why we’ve made Blackpurl so intuitive, incredibly easy to learn, and fast.

Industry specific workflows

Our industry-leading optimised workflows mean that you’ll spend less time keying in information and more time making your business work for you. Our workflows ensure that your jobs are always done efficiently and accurately. This leads to a more money, a productive team and higher levels of customer satisfaction.

Intuitive and easy to use

Blackpurl was created to be intuitive. It’s so easy, clean, and simple to use that your team won’t need any specific training and they’ll love using it.

Access on any device

Blackpurl is cloud-based which means you can access it at anytime, anywhere on any size device. This gives you the flexibility to monitor your business even when you’re not there.

Powerful search

Find anything in Blackpurl with one click. You’ll never need to know where to go in the system to find something; just click search. Moreover, with our search your reports will always be up-to-date. Also, because Blackpurl is in the cloud, this means that you can save and share your custom searches with your colleagues.

Active reports

You run a report to know something about your business, but what do you do with that information? with Blackpurl you can complete actions such as changing entire price levels for selected parts. All of this is possible directly from your report; nothing could be simpler.

Industry leading support & security

We’ve partnered with the to create a secure app and online support community


Our investment in industry-leading infrastructure and our partnership with ensures your information is always safe and secure.


Unlimited 24/7 support and help is just a click away via Blackpurl’s online help centre and online community.