Feature Release 2.18.0



  • New feature – Implemented new Quickbooks Online authentication method OAuth 2.0



  • Correction – Form correction for specific customer
  • Correction – Correct Xero payment syncing issue
  • CorrectionCorrections to SOM file generation scripts


Patch release 2.18.x

  • 2.18.1 New feature – Packing slip document from customer order has now been converted into a Parts Pick Ticket listing all parts on the customer order
  • 2.18.1 Correction – Corrected issue entering negative part rates in the new price level screen inside settings & control
  • 2.18.1 Correction – When performing a bulk data load of vendors vendor codes are now assigned using the same rules as when vendors are manually created in Blackpurl


  • 2.18.2 New feature – Vendor Returns – provided user with same functionality as ordering where they have an action to add parts from a different vendor
  • 2.18.2 New feature – Receipt format invoices will now include the Customer PO#
  • 2.18.2 New feature – 5 new forms for a specific client
  • 2.18.2 Correction – Vendor order import no longer enforces specific values in the first row on import files
  • 2.18.2 Correction – Updates to part records to store a supersession indicator along with the part number its superseced to so this information can be included in the generation of SOM file
  • 2.18.2 Correction – Updates to the files generated for SOM
  • 2.18.2 Correction – Corrected issue causing payments entered in an unfinalized checkout to become attached to a deal service invoice
  • 2.18.2 Correction – Corrected formatting issues with the printing of vendor returns
  • 2.18.2 Correction – JE sent to Quickbooks for payments on customer orders will now include the payment method in the memo description
  • 2.18.2 Correction – Corrected issue with address field causing line breaks on exports of grid searches
  • 2.18.2 Correction – Corrected issue causing some customer payments to not sync over to Xero
  • 2.18.2 Correction – For trade-in only deals, resolved checkout issue when the deal originally contained financing prior to the deal being converted into a trade-in only deal
  • 2.18.2 Correction – Corrected issue where the journal entry for Deal Merchandise did not use the same logic as Deal Service for the selection of GL accounts based on service job type settings


  • 2.18.3 Correction – Corrected issue causing QB sync failure for payments on Cash sales
  • 2.18.3 Correction – Corrected QB OAuth2.0 issue caused by actioning the Test Connection button


  • 2.18.4 New feature – All customer order searches now allow for filtering, sorting and grouping by salesperson
  • 2.18.4 New feature – Honda integration – Downloading of invoice data
  • 2.18.4 Correction – Corrected issues causing loss of Quickbooks connection in the OAuth2.0 method
  • 2.18.4 Correction – Corrected vendor receiving label issue which generated the incorrect number of special order labels


  • 2.18.5 New feature – Revised the contents of labels for special orders so that it includes both the customer name and the part description
  • 2.18.5 New feature – Now provide warning screen when creating an internal service job on a stock unit when one or more already exist for the same unit
  • 2.18.5 New feature – Updated the part movement report to include the current quantity available as well as filtering based on sales, purchase or adjustment quantities
  • 2.18.5 Correction – Corrected OOB issue posting count sessions to Quickbooks
  • 2.18.5 Correction – Implemented new script to facilitate resyncing of unit adjustment sync failures in Xero


  • 2.18.6 New feature – Added store name to the tooltip for the top bar gear icon as well as in the dropdown presented from that gear.  This will make it easier to know which store the user is currently logged into
  • 2.18.6 New feature – Price file importing will now respect the package settings on the part record when they are different than the package settings on the imported price file
  • 2.18.6 Correction – View Related window was not always including all related parts
  • 2.18.6 Correction – Correct issue related to ACV on trade-in when a deal is converted into a trade-in only deal


  • 2.18.7 Correction – Adjustments to forms for NC Trailers

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