Feature Release 2.19.0



  • New feature – Printable receipt now generated when A/R payments on account are finalized.  This receipt shows all outstanding invoices and credits, which ones were paid and what remaining balance is owing. (GR)
  • New feature – Parts supersessions – updated the logic of the Replaced By and Replaces relationships for part records.  This update will ensure that:
    • The referenced part will always have the opposite relationship
    • The SOM fields for supersessions are always properly set
    • A single part can only be replaced by one part
    • Relationship links between parts are never left broken when one of them is removed or changed

    Also, the View Related action button on CO line items will now also include the entire chain of supersessions from a single part so that if PartA is replaced by PartB which is replaced by PartC, when the user is working with PartA they will see the supersession relationship all the way to the most current part which is Part C

  • Correction – Corrected an issue with the Total Billed hours on service jobs not being set when the job did not contain any logged technician time.  Script was run to ensure that all historical service jobs reflect an accurate value for Total Billed Hours
  • Correction – Resolved issues which caused sync failures in the accounting integration:
    • AR payment where one of the items selected was a credit
    • First entry of a day to occasionally fail to sync
    • AR payments due to public vs private app configurations
  • Correction – Additional correction to custom form for a customer (NCT)



  • Correction – Form correction for specific customer
  • Correction – Correct Xero payment syncing issue
  • CorrectionCorrections to SOM file generation scripts


Patch release 2.19.x

  • 2.19.1 Correction – Resolved issue with third-party jobs reducing part inventory and committed twice when a service job item is modified after the claim has been submitted
  • 2.19.1 Correction – Unit profit was not being hidden when user did not have permission to view unit costs
  • 2.19.2 New feature – Updated the customer page to provide more useful information in the two related lists for Active Orders and Order History
  • 2.19.2 New feature – Vendor orders now have an import format specific to SOM
  • 2.19.2 New feature – When CO deposits are used in checkout we will no longer send two journal entries over to integrated accounting applications. This will reduce the clutter in both the Undeposited Funds and Customer Deposits GL account
  • 2.19.2 New feature – A blank odometer line has been added to the Job Worksheet so that technicians can make note of the units odometer when they are working on it
  • 2.19.2 New feature – Configuration setting now available for enabling/disabling Xero integration so that support/activations teams no longer require assistance from development to perform this task
  • 2.19.2 Correction – Customer names can no longer contain special characters which case sync failures with accounting integration.  Example, “:” will no longer be allowed in a customer name
  • 2.19.2 Correction – Corrected issue where unit field was not being displayed when adding a second service job to a customer order
  • 2.19.2 Correction – Resolved issues search for customer name when a space was entered as part of the name ie: “Doug MacDonald” or “Frank and Smith”
  • 2.19.2 Correction – Adjusted the margins and corrected pagination issues on the service job worksheet
  • 2.19.2 Correction – Resolved error when exporting count sessions
  • 2.19.2 Correction – Resolved issue where a Deal Service Job unit was changed when an appointment was created for the job
  • 2.19.2 Correction – Corrected issue that caused an incorrect profit value for deal units
  • 2.19.2 Correction – Corrected issue caused when VR line item was in edit mode and the Commit Receiving button was actioned
  • 2.19.2 Correction – Corrected sync failure caused by empty third-party claims which included a customer deductible amount
  • 2.19.2 Correction – Corrected issue which caused third-party jobs on inventory units to be included in the costing details of the inventory unit
  • 2.19.2 Correction – Corrected issue which allowed the user to create an order unit without selecting a category for the unit
  • 2.19.2 Correction – Corrected an issue in the Cash Reconciliation where it would not provide the correct “Deposits Used” value as it was not including deal deposits used in this amount
  • 2.19.2 Correction – Resolved custom date range selection issues in the Service Jobs report type
  • 2.19.2 Correction – Re-enabled the sort icon in vendor receiving so that the user can sort the line items by Item #
  • 2.19.2 Correction – Corrected issue for new supersession feature where the deployment script would fail when a single part was Replaced By multiple parts
  • 2.19.2 Correction – When creating an order unit the required field will now have a required indicator so that the user will know why the Create button is not available
  • 2.19.2 Correction – Resolved checkout issue caused when a Deal Service had been removed resulting in the user not being able to checkout the deal
  • 2.19.2 Correction – Resolved issue where a part which already had an order requirement could not be added to an order for a different vendor
  • 2.19.2 Correction – Corrected issue causing units to drop off of internal service jobs when some of the summary fields on the job where modified
  • 2.19.2 Correction – Resolved sync issue caused when a vendor invoice contained a large number of line items
  • 2.19.3 Correction – Implements dev scripts for resyncing Xero entries


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