Feature Release 2.24.0

 What’s new?

  • Customer Order Parts Picklist
    This feature will provide a full list of parts required for the Customer Order in a new section called Parts Picklist. It will also allow the Dealership to indicate if they have PULLED the parts from stock.
    For more information, please review our article –  Customer Order – Parts Picklist section
  • Vendor order – Order Customer Special Ordered parts from a different Vendor
    This feature will allow the dealership to order Customer Special Order parts from a different vendor.
    For example:
    • All parts in Blackpurl are linked to specific Vendors
    • Sometimes that Vendor is unable to supply so it becomes necessary for the Dealership to order the part from Another Vendor
    • With this feature the Dealership will now not only be able to order parts for stock from Another Vendor but also order Customer Special Orders from Another Vendor

    For more information, please review Step 3 – K in our article – How to Create a Vendor Order for a Customer Special Order

  • Vendor Order – Export file
    Dealerships now have the ability to export Vendor Orders for KTM and Honda EBiz in their specific format.
    For more information, please review our article – Print / Email / Export / Import – Vendor Orders
  • Accounting Integration – Quickbooks
    Changes required by QuickBooks for OAuth 2.0 – backend only No change to the Dealership side of Blackpurl
  • Reporting
    The default view when the Reporting screen is opened will no longer generate a list of the most recent items
    This will allow a quicker loading of the Reporting screen and a clean slate to start with

Improvements & fixes:

  • Resolved – pagination issue on Vendor Return documents.  When a Vendor Return was more than 1 page, the column headers on the additional pages were not correct
  • Resolved – Accounting Integration sync failure which was caused by incorrectly attempting to post an accounting entry for an empty Customer Order > Service Job
  • Resolved – Issues encountered when editing the Unit Price in a Customer Order > Unit Deal when the Unit contained labor in Dealer Installed Options
  • Resolved – issue when invoice totals in Invoice Preview were not correct ie Third Party Customer Orders
  • Resolved – Vendor Order issue with SOM import when the SOM import file only contained one line item
  • Correction – formatting issues for Co-Buyer on Customer Order > Unit Deal – Deal Documents
  • Improvement – Customer Order > Service Job – Concern, Cause and Correction field now have a 2,000 character limit
  • Improvement – Customer Order – Customer Notes now have a 32,000+ character limit but individual chunks of text in this field cannot exceed 1,500 characters each
  • Resolved – issue with Customer Order > Service Job that did not indicate that it had already been linked to an appointment
  • Resolved – QuickBooks Accounting Integration – AR payment sync error caused by Test Connection action
  • Resolved – issue with texting feature that did not indicate that the text had been sent
  • Resolved – Xero Accounting Integration – ‘invalid_grant’ issue with OAuth2.0
  • Resolved – issue that causes the Deposit section on Customer Order to appear empty
  • Resolved – issues with old scheduler


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