Feature Release 2.27.0 and 2.28.0

What’s new?


New Notification for Unit Records

  • A new notification has been added to the Unit Record to show if there are any Unit Deals which the unit is currently attached to
  • For example on the Unit Record below, you can see the notification that the Unit has been attached to CO-0000742 and the relevant Customer Name



Generic Unit Record Fields


Images on Unit Records / Customer Orders

  • We have increased the number of images that can post on a Unit Record to 50.  For further information, please review our article – How to Add Images on Unit Records
  • We have also increased the size limitation on images attached to Unit Records and Customer Orders from 750KB to 1.25MB


Unit Receiving

  • Unit Receiving will no longer allow the user to receive a unit until a cost has been entered
  • For further information, please review our article – How to process a Unit Receiving


Automated Price Files

  • Automated Price Files will now provide the ability for the user to control if categories from price files overrides the category on existing Part Records
  • For further information, please review our amended article – Automated Price File Tool


New Warning for Technician Hours

  • There is a new warning in Customer Order > Service Jobs when the hours logged by the technicians are greater than the hours billed



What’s improved? 

  • Improvement – a change to the new Invoice Detail Report to ensure that it includes all costing line items from Unit Deals
  • Changed – changed the language in the tool tip in the Service Job Service header relating to appointments 
  • Improvement – to printed / emailed customer approvals with electronic signature to place the e-signature on the signature line instead of a large block of space at the end of the document
  • Resolved – an issue with QuickBooks syncing when checkout included a cash rounding payment
  • Improvement – the Price File Import Tool to not update fields that were not selected for mapping
  • Resolved – an issue causing Internal Service Jobs to not obey default tax on the Internal Service setting
  • Resolved – an issue with appointments created from existing jobs where the hours billed on the jbo were not in 15 minute increments.  Appointments will now obey exact hours on the job
  • Improvement – the functionality of the searchable drop downs for Make / Model / Submodel in Unit Ordering
  • Resolved – an issue with the Honda order type selection once a selection had already been made
  • Resolved – an issue when the Deal status was not updating to Invoiced even after the Deal was in fact Invoiced
  • Resolved – an issue causing an error message related to fetching price files for the Automated Price File tool
  • Improvement – Pick ticket documents will now include full customer information – telephone number and email address etc
  • Resolved – performance issue in add/edit unit modal window for make/model/submodel
  • Resolved – integration issues caused by third part jobs being changed to be an internally expensed job
  • Resolved – an issue with the selected salesperson not being saved on Unit Deals
  • Resolved – an issue causing BRP validation to be performed in Unit Ordering for all Vendors, instead of just the BRP vendor
  • Resolved – an issue causing Customer Approvals to drop off service jobs


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