Feature Release 2.36

What’s new?

Customer Order – Notes on the relevant Customer Record or Unit Record

  • If a customer record or unit record has notes in the relevant section, the relevant indicator will show on the Customer Order
  • Selecting this indicator will show the user the notes field for that record.
  • If the user has the relevant permission, they will also be able to update the Notes from the Customer Order
  • For more information, please review our article – Customer Order – Customer Notes and Unit Notes Indicator


Selection of Payment Methods

  • We have added additional Payment Methods to Blackpurl
  • We also now allow the Dealership the ability to select or de-select which Payment Methods they want to use in their Blackpurl
  • For further information, please review our article – 


Blackpurl Knowledge Base

  • We have changed our Blackpurl Communities to the Blackpurl Knowledge Base 
  • To access the Blackpurl Knowledge Base is the same by clicking on the from the Blackpurl Header
  • The Blackpurl Knowledge Base will give the same articles and/or videos
  • If you wish to be able to submit support tickets from the Blackpurl Knowledge Base, please contact support@blackpurl.com so we can set you up with that


Unit Arrival 

  • On Customer Service Jobs and in Scheduler Appointments, users now have the ability to record information about the units arrival
  • This includes the date and time that it is due in / the date and time that it is due out and will also indicate a unit arrival flag
  • This information can be seen on the Customer Order Service Job / Appointments and on the Scheduler
  • For further information, please review our article – Unit Check In section



  • We have implemented performance improvement for first time page load of Customer Orders.
  • We are continuing to develop and work on the performance of Blackpurl


What’s improved?

  • Resolved – an issue where a units price on a deal document was showing a cost adjustment description whenever that unit did not contain a base unit line item.  Now it will always be shown as “Base unit”
  • Correction – an issue related to the Stocked in date of order units received


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