Feature Release 2.36

What’s new?

Scheduler – Unassigned Appointment Pull Out 

  • This feature of the scheduler has been redesigned to now pull out from the left hand side.
  • It will now also list ALL unassigned appointments instead of just those for the day being viewed
  • The user will be able to filter / search the unassigned appointment list 
  • For further information, please review to our article –  Scheduler


Make and Model Management  


Vendor Order Export Formats Available for  our Australian Dealers

  • New Vendor Order Export for Monza/Fox – no information required 
  • New Vendor Order Export for Yamaha for Australia – this requires configuration setup.  Please email support the following details if you want to use this configuration:
    • Dealer Number (this should be 6 numbers/characters)
    • Your Account Managers info (this should be 3 characters ie their initials)
    • User Id – what you use to log into YMF 


What’s improved?

  • Resolved – an issue when VR have a large number of line items to not sync across to accounting program
  • Resolved – an issue where part line items appear to drop off when opening a CO from the existing active CO modal window
  • Resolved – issue which was causing users to not be able to delete some location records from location management
  • Improvement – we have added additional validation for accounting entries related to unit adjustments.  The system will now validate the uniqueness of the Vendor Reference number to ensure that it does not already exist in the accounting program
  • Resolved – issue where part available from BRP part locator API always returned a value of 1.  Now the qty shown for the manufacturer will always be the maximum that they have available.  But for the individual dealers quantity, the value returned is based on the where the location action was taken from:
    • From the view part page, it will only show a quantity of 1 to indicate that the dealer has at least one in stock
    • From the CO / VO pages, the return is based on the qty needed on the CO or VO indicating that the dealer has enough of the part to satisfy the need
  • Resolved – issues related to finalizing count sessions, including:
    • finalising count button is now disabled if the finalize process is already underway
    • to ensure that if a finalize process fails to fully complete, subsequent finalizing will not process those count records which were actually finalized
    • where not all duplicates were merged on import
    • where accounting JE for the finalized count was not being summarized by part category inventory GL
  • Resolved – issue causing taxes to not be recalculated properly for some line items when the job type is changed on a service job
  • Resolved – issues causing SOM inventory files to not be submitted to SOM
  • Resolved – issue causing deposits using the Gift Card payment method to not appear in the cash reconciliation detailed listing for the payment method
  • Resolved – issue causing negative committed quantities when a third party service job contained an oversold part
  • Resolved – issue with unit quantities not being reported when Xero accounting integration is enabled


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