Feature Release 2.39.0

What’s new?

Customer Invoices – Improved format

  • With the old style Customer Invoice, we were wasting a lot of space with the header ie your Dealership details / logo / all the Customer Invoice information
  • We have reformatted the Customer Invoice to make better use of the space 
  • There is now additional area if your Dealership logo is not a square, you will be able to upload a rectangle logo
  • Dealership can also control via System Settings > Settings & Controls – Shop Settings if MSRP and Discount amounts are to be included (show) on each line item
  • This change also ensures that both the Invoice and Invoice Preview (whether printed or emailed) will have identical formatting


Reporting – Part Locations

  • For Parts Reporting there is a new filter available – No Location Assigned – that when selected will list those parts that have no locations listing under the Part Record
  • For example:

  • We have also corrected the issue when sorting the search result using the location column


Add Part – Stock on Hand 

  • For the Dealerships that have Accounting Integration, if users now create a new part – ADD PART – and adds a Stock on Hand quantity, it will create a stock adjustment journal over to your accounting package
  • For further information, please review our article – How to Create / Add a New Part


Dealership Performance 360CRM – DP360

  • Blackpurl is now fully integrated with DP360
  • For further information, please review our article – DP360 Integration


Unit Deal > Bill of Sale (Australia only)

  • Bill of Sale for Australia will now include an additional tax total which will be the GST component on the Unit deal and will not including any tax credits related to trade ins


What’s improved?

  • Improvedformatting of the Yamaha Australia VO export file
  • Resolved – an issue which was causing items to appear unresolved fulfilments This was caused when the user was double clicking (or clicking multiple times) on option commit
  • Resolved – an issue which was allowing a user to delete a Customer Order once all the Deposits had been refunded.  For accounting integrity, all accounting entries should remain intact and not be able to be deleted
  • Correction – an issue which was causing an appointment to show the wrong unit
  • Resolved – an issue which allowed internal service jobs to have a blank expense category to invoice the job to


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