Sprint 80 & 81 Release notes


  • We’ve added 2 new common searches
    • Active Unit Deals – Shows information about Deals on customer orders.  By default it shows only active deals but a number of filters are available to refine the results for both active and invoiced deals
    • Deal Units – Shows information about Units sold on deals from customer orders.  By default it shows only units sold in the last 30 days but a number of filters are available to refine the results for both active and sold units for any time period.
  • We’ve added 2 new undeposited funds accounts –  Financing and direct deposit payments can now be tracked separately from the cash/credit payments.
  • We’ve added the Direct Deposit payment method – Now available in the Checkout and Deposit screens.
  • You can now switch service job type – The user is now allowed to change the job type on any active customer service job.  This allows a customer pay service job to be switch into being a third-party service job without having to move the contents of the job to another new job.  Changing the job type will automatically correct the line item pricing to suit the newly selected job type.


  • Improvement – We’ve made a number of improvements and corrections to Third-Party service jobs functionality related to third-party service jobs and claim submission, response and variance handling:
    • Service job line item changes:
      • Once the claim status has been set to Submitted, the user can continue to make additions, deletions and changes to the service job line items and they will all be reflected in the Claim Response wizard.
      • Once a claim response has been finalized, the user can no longer make any additions, deletions and changes to the service job line items.
      •  Any service job line items which had variances in the claim response will have an indicator to the right of the line item total.
    • Section header claim status:
      • The section header claim status icon is now actionable for processing the claim through its submitted and approved states.
      • When un-submitted, selecting the icon will action the claim submission wizard.
      • When submitted, selecting the icon will action the claim response wizard.
      • When approved, selecting the icon will reopen the claim response wizard in either  an editable or read-only mode depending on the status of the service job.
    • Claim job action:
      • A new job action will be provided on third-party service jobs which will allow the user to action/view the claim.  The name of the action is directly related to the status of the claim.
    • Claim Response Wizard:
      • Eliminated restriction on backdating the approval date.
      • User can now modify the CLAIMED values and not just the APPROVED values.
      • Variances billed to the customer will now ensure that they are moved to a new customer payable service job on the same customer order so that they can be invoiced separately to the customer.
      • Warning issued to the user when finalizing the claim to remind them of the restrictions imposed on the service job by this action.
  • Fix We previously allowed a deal to be closed when a unit on that deal has an active internal service job which has not been closed. This was causing issues with the accounting entries generated for the internal service and the deal.  We have restricted the users ability to close deals containing units which have this scenario. We now require that they close the internal service before they close the deal.
  • Improvement User now has the option to print the CO Profitability screen.
  • Update –  We’ve updated the costs reported for deal units in the CO Profitability screen to include costs added to the unit after it was added to the deal as well as the costs associated with Internal Service Jobs which are still active against the deal unit.
  • Improvement User now has the ability to search for vendor returns from the global search in the top navigation bar.
  • Update – We’ve removed the ability for the user to create user groups having identical names to avoid duplicates.
  • Update We’ve updated the emailed version of the invoice preview to ensure that Notes for Customer on service jobs is always included.
  • Accounting integration update – We’ve corrected all accounting entries related to third-party claim invoices, their COGS and claim variances.

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