An Overview of Blackpurl

Blackpurl is a dealer management application fully equipped with all of the features needed to manage inventory, sales and service. With Blackpurl, you can analyse, report, and manage every activity involved in the operation of your dealership.

Parts Department

Sophisticated inventory management software keeps your stock levels and your cash-flow exactly where they should be. Know exactly how much profit is in every transaction, and how much money is on your shelves.

  • Track every piece of inventory and see your part sales history – for your dealership, in real time.
  • Track costs and profitability by part giving you the information that’s important to running your dealership. 
  • Set minimum and maximum inventory levels so you’re never caught off guard – and your inventory doesn’t gather dust. 
  • Perform consolidated purchasing from all of your parts vendors.

Service Department

Create, schedule and manage multiple service jobs at the same time. Manage a variety of job types from customer invoiced, third party payments or work assigned to dealer-owned units.

  • Log technician time and create predefined service kits of parts and labor. 
  • Run everything smoothly with appointment scheduling and technician job clocking so your whole team is where they need to be at the right time. 
  • Set up customer approvals once the service is completed. 
  • Snap photos of a unit with an iPad, then easily attach it to an order. 
  • Record all the information about a service job on a single screen and prompt your technicians into the workflow’s next step so nothing falls through the cracks and you’re not guessing what comes next.

Sales Department

Manage your unit inventory orders and sales department.

  • Create a quote for a customer with a temporary unit or sell a stock unit.
  • Sell everything through the same screen; parts, merchandise labour, kits and fees.
  • Track the cost of installing parts and accessories for a unit sale with linked service jobs.
  • Perform advanced actions like returns, split invoicing, refunds and more without leaving your sales screen.
  • Keep your team aligned and informed as you deliver improved customer service.

Admin & Reporting

Access, create, save and share reports for every activity associated with your dealership.

  • Report on your revenue & cash flow, profitability and productivity.
  • Get real-time reporting with actionable results. No more static information to rearrange – or input again and again. 
  • Use the real-time dashboard to view a personalised team activity feed.
  • See up-to-the-second insights into everything happening across your dealership. 
  • Create and save favourite reports that you can use immediately – by user, by type, contents, owner, modified date, or any other recorded data point.
  • Find anything with one click, thanks to powerful search.

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