Webinar: How technology helps teams thrive and perform at their best

Produced by Blackpurl

It should not come as a surprise that technology has been making its way into dealerships and industry in a less than subtle way. While small dealerships used to get away with performing everything from accounting to service manually, growing businesses are unable to compete in the current landscape without some technology on their side.

In this session, we’ll teach you how to:

  • Quote and engage customers
  • Buy and sell more inventory 
  • Empower your team to maximize productivity 
  • Gain better financial insights 

Join Blackpurl’s Brayden Handley and Jonathan Aguero August 10th at 11am PST to learn more about how a modern, cloud-based dealer management platform can grow your business, empower your teams, and keep you ahead of the competition.


Meet The Speakers

Johnathan Aguero

Johnathan Aguero is on a mission to help dealerships organize and streamline their operations using web-based tools. For the past ten years, he has consulted with dealers to improve sales, service, and parts department processes. Today, he specializes in dealership software and its impact on profitability.

Brayden Handley

Brayden Handley is new to the Dealership Management space but his passion revolves around sustainable solutions and cost-effective growth opportunities. This led him to Blackpurl where he continues to help dealerships implement systems and processes throughout economic uncertainty.