Welcome to your Blackpurl Activations Project 

It's Time To Activate Your Blackpurl Account

Congratulations on choosing Blackpurl! Now it’s time to get your account set up. The key to any successful activation is to follow the plan, participate in training, and ask questions.

This video will provide you with an introduction on how to navigate Monday.com and interact with your Activation Project.

If at any point in your project you need to reach out to your Activation guide, you can do so through the conversation bubble beside each task. This is the best place to ask questions whenever you want more information or need some help.

Tasks are laid out in a way that helps you build the foundations of a good understanding of how Blackpurl can work for your business. Some tasks can be expanded out to view sub-items related to them. All tasks have associated labels and may be marked as optional but it is recommended you complete everything as it will only help you to better understand all that Blackpurl is capable of.

When a task is ready for you, update the status to let your Activation guide know you are working on it. When you have finished, you can mark the task as Done. Once tasks are completed, you will notice that others become available for you. It is important to follow the tasks in order that they become ready as these dependent items will help you understand what comes next. If at any point you find yourself stuck, you can update the item and your Activation guide will be notified and will reach out to you.

All the information you need to complete each item can be found under external documents. These are links, PDFs, spreadsheets and any other resource required to work through your project. If ever you want to submit your company data to Blackpurl for upload, your data templates can be found here. Once you have updated your template, you can drag and drop it into the Customer Documents column for your Activation guide to upload.

Once you have completed your project and are ready to go, your Activation guide will work with you to schedule a launch date.

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