RV Dealership Management System

What is a RV dealership management system?

What is an RV Dealership Management Solution (DMS)?

An RV dealership management system is a business solution designed to digitize, connect, and streamline the various day-to-day operations. Built on Windows 95 technology, DMS helped many dealers render their overwhelming, manual tasks manageable by automating multi-step processes and storing important files in one, centralized location.  

While DMS reigned king decades ago, it is no surprise that dealerships have changed since the advent of DMS, so why are they running on the same technology?

An RV dealership management system should be a core resource for any dealership owner serious about what they do, because it’s an investment that will pay for itself many times over in increased productivity and profits.

What is an RV Dealership Management Platform?

RV dealership management platforms are turnkey solutions especially designed to increase the productivity and efficiency of your modern small to medium RV dealership. By integrating with other top-tier solutions, dealer management platforms ensure that your dealership’s accounting, e-commerce, and CRM needs are covered by industry-leading professionals. 

There is a common misconception that dealership management solutions are “too expensive” and “too time consuming,” but dealer management platforms have made these solutions accessible to even the smallest of shops. Using a subscription model, you only pay for the exact features you use and can tailor a plan that fits your dealership.

How does an RV Dealer Management Platform Operate in Your Shop?

We could give you a laundry list of reasons why a modern business solution will help your dealership run more smoothly, but why not just show you instead?

Does a dealership management Platform have all the features I need to run my RV dealership?

Let’s count the ways!

  1. Fully mobile – with Blackpurl’s dealership management system, you can cruise from the back office to the showroom while having constant access from your tablet.

  2. Cloud-based – because it’s in the cloud, there’s no hardware or servers to maintain. 

  3. Real-time Visibility – you’ll see real-time data throughout the day, including instant profitability reports for every job.

  4. Accurate Data – you’ll know exactly what units and parts you have in stock.

  5. Transparent – you’ll know how every department is performing, from sales and service to parts and finance.

  6. User-friendly – it’s simple to learn and integrates seamlessly with Xero and Quickbooks for easy accounting.

Blackpurl’s RV dealership management system will give you a much better handle on every aspect of your RV dealership and once you’ve upgraded, the only question you’ll be asking yourself is why you didn’t do it sooner!