What is a RV dealership management system?

RV Dealership Management Software Built For The Modern Day Dealer

The cloud-based dealership management software platform provides all the functionality sales, parts, and service require.  Remove the frustrations and costly mistakes from running your dealership and upgrade to Blackpurl.

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Apllo RV Using Blackpurl's Dealership Management Software Platform
Master Craft RV Using Blackpurl's Dealership Management Software Platform
La Mesa RV Using Blackpurl's Dealership Management Software Platform
RV Clients Using Blackpurl's Dealership Management Software Platform

Why RV Dealers Choose Blackpurl

Designed to power the digital-first dealership

Best-In-Class integrations for every department

Free setup, training, and support for your team


Bring your existing dealership data with you

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A RV Dealership Management Solution that’s Different & Better 

Tired of outdated dealership management software slowing you down?

Blackpurl was designed to help RV dealerships sell more, service better, and deliver a personalized customer experience. We know that technology is the key to success and our platform connects sales, service, and parts departments with best-in-class technology across your dealership.

Our mobile-friendly and secure platform will get your team out from behind the desk and out to the lot with your customers. You won’t have to worry about outdated software anymore – Blackpurl has you covered.

Run Your RV Dealership With Blackpurl

Monthly updates and releases


Sell units, parts, merchandise, and services from a single screen for that transaction.

Complete partial payments, deposit, specials order via Flexible Checkout, and sell specially priced services and parts.

Create and email invoices straight to the customer with a single click.

Automatically generate customer profiles. You’ll know key facts about your customer, even before you meet them.

See customers’ whole purchase and service history with a simple license plate, name, or phone number search. For a more personalized experience.


Track every piece of inventory – and see your part sales history – for your dealership, in real time.

Track costs and profitability by part — giving you the important information to run your dealership.

Receive smart, predictive report alerts about stock availability and special order statuses.

Set minimum and maximum inventory levels so you’re never caught off guard – and your inventory doesn’t gather dust.

Perform consolidated purchasing from all of your parts vendors.


Log technician time and create predefined service kits of parts and labor.

Run everything smoothly with appointment scheduling and technician job clocking. Your whole team is where they need to be at the right time.

Set up customer approvals once the service is completed.

Snap photos of a unit with an iPad, then easily attach it to an order.

Record all the info about a service job on a single screen and prompt your technicians into the workflow’s next step. Nothing falling through the cracks. No guessing what comes next.


Choose between two of the world’s best online accounting applications: Xero or QuickBooks Online.

Blackpurl and Xero or Quickbooks integrate seamlessly letting you track your dealership’s profit and loss.​

Every transaction created in Blackpurl is automatically and instantly synchronized with your accounting. So every customer, sale, order or inventory adjustment is automatically tracked.

Using Xero or Quickbooks Online will give you greater choice of bookkeepers and accountants to choose from. Moreover, with online access you could outsource your bookkeeping to anyone, anywhere.​

Mistakes happen, easily reverse a transaction that has already been sent to accounting. 


Using Xero or Quickbooks Online will give you greater choice of bookkeepers and accountants to choose from. Moreover, with online access you could outsource your bookkeeping to anyone, anywhere.​

Create your own custom reports, gain complete freedom to access your data the way you want to. You can create, save and export custom reports to analyse your dealership’s performance, your way.

Use the real-time dashboard to view a personalized team activity feed. See up-to-the-second insights into everything happening across your dealership.

Finally, you can find anything from anywhere all with one simple click, thanks to powerful search.​

Reporting Dashboard in Blackpurl

Choose The Best Technology For The Job. 

Doing things the old-fashioned way is always an option, but why not take advantage of the best technology and go digital with your motorcycle dealership?

Outsource our accounting with QuickBooks online or send marketing campaigns from DP360 from anywhere at any time. You’re in charge of your business – do what makes you happy! 

Master Craft RV Upgrades to Blackpurl

Mastercraft’s RV Center Finds Winner with Blackpurl 

“My guys love Blackpurl. The software makes their jobs easier. For example, the ability to add parts from another vendor is a game-changer for us. Excited to see what new capabilities they roll out next.”

Bart Downing, President MasterCraft RV Center

Does a dealership management Platform have all the features I need to run my RV dealership?

RV dealership management platforms are turnkey solutions especially designed to increase the productivity and efficiency of your modern small to medium RV dealership. By integrating with other top-tier solutions, dealer management platforms ensure that your dealership’s accounting, e-commerce, and CRM needs are covered by industry-leading professionals. 

There is a common misconception that dealership management solutions are “too expensive” and “too time consuming,” but dealer management platforms have made these solutions accessible to even the smallest of shops. Using a subscription model, you only pay for the exact features you use and can tailor a plan that fits your dealership.

Here are 6 reasons RV dealers switch to Blackpurl

  1. Fully Mobile – with Blackpurl’s dealership management system, you can cruise from the back office to the showroom while having constant access from your tablet.

  2. Cloud-Based – because it’s in the cloud, there’s no hardware or servers to maintain. 

  3. Real-Time Visibility – you’ll see real-time data throughout the day, including instant profitability reports for every job.

  4. Accurate Data – you’ll know exactly what units and parts you have in stock.

  5. Transparent – you’ll know how every department is performing, from sales and service to parts and finance.

  6. User Friendly – it’s simple to learn and integrates seamlessly with Xero and QuickBooks for easy accounting.

Blackpurl’s RV dealership management system will give you a much better handle on every aspect of your RV dealership and once you’ve upgraded, the only question you’ll be asking yourself is why you didn’t do it sooner!

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