Why Dealers upgrade To Blackpurl from dms?

Dealerships Today Need
Something More Than A DMS

Blackpurl is for dealerships that think differently. Blackpurl is for dealers who want a solution that lets them run their dealership the way they want to and are tired of spending thousands of dollars on features that look “cool” but don’t help run their day-to-day operations. Blackpurl isn’t another DMS, it’s a cloud-based Dealership Management Platform that’s disrupting the DMS industry. As we like to say around the office, we’re not putting lipstick on a pig, we’re roasting an entire hog. 

The Problem With DMS

The DMS business model has been around for 50+ years and while the industry has evolved the technology hasn’t. Plus this model has you, the dealership owner, carrying all of the risk (financial, operational, and emotional) – it’s a heavy load for any dealer or shop to take on.

The Solution For Dealers

Blackpurl is a dealership management platform built with the modern dealer in mind. Dealers can access Blackpurl from their computer or tablet and it’s always up-to-date so they never have to worry about missing a beat. It’s cloud-based and as easy to use as their favorite apps. Plus, it connects with other tech systems dealerships rely on such as Shopify and QuickBooks.

Blackpurl Dealership Software Dashboard

What Dealerships Deserve

Service training

A modern day solution that's easy to use

Activation, training, and upgrade fees – be gone! All you need is a dealership management platform with down-to-the-penny accuracy for a reasonable monthly price. Said another way, all you need is Blackpurl.

A partner that stands behind their technology

Dealership management software charges your dealership for every feature in their over-engineered product – whether your dealership uses it or not. Blackpurl charges you for what you use.

A team that has a vision for the future

Your needs across sales, parts, and service are constantly changing. We’re building our platform to keep your dealership running and ensuring you have the flexibility you need to run your dealership the way you want to.

When should a dealer request a demo of Blackpurl?


Here’s why: to make the best decision for your dealership, you need to know what technology is available for you and your shop. By spending 30 minutes now, you can see firsthand if Blackpurl is the right solution for you and your team. 

There is a better way to run your shop

It's the world's first Dealership Management Platform

You deserve a real solution. The solution should be simple, mobile, inexpensive, and able to run your business.

The Top 5 Reasons
Dealers are Joining the Blackpurl Movement:

Throwing DMS to the Bin

#1 Dealer Management Software (DMS) is outdated

Remember when you discarded your DVD player and got Netflix – exactly.

#2 Employees need a solution they can use

It dosen’t matter how many features and reports you have, if the software is confusing no one is going to use it. Young staff members born in the digital era demand a simple, connected, and mobile tool to perform their job.

Digital era
Subscription icon

#3 Dealers shouldn't bear all the risk

Subscription means no upfront price and no training fees. Simply pay as you go and for what you use.

#4 Want a solution that's hosted on the cloud not a server

Blackpurl is built on the $150Bn Salesforce.com platform, giving you computing power, security, and reliability that dwarfs the DMS industry.


#5 Need a partner not a service provider

Once you decided to go with Blackpurl, we can start the process in minutes. Enhancements, features, and fixes are delivered (globally) at the push of a button. There’s no waiting for trainers, new servers, and geeks.
Grab your phone and make some money! 

If any of this rings true for you, reach out and explore the future today

Rebelling against DMS has never felt so easy