Why Blackpurl?

Consider saying
NO to DMS.

Not everyone will agree with us, but some of you will. We don’t have a problem with any DMS company in particular. However, we do have a problem with the 50-year-old DMS business model. The model that has you, the dealership owner, carrying all of the risk (financial, operational, and emotional) – it’s a heavy load. You need something lightweight. Blackpurl.

We saw a better way

The humans behind Blackpurl are smart, funny and well…have a strong dose of pirate spirit. After working in some of the world’s best dealerships, they embarked on a mission to end the complexity and heavy infrastructure of the DMS world.

What we believe in

Keeping it Simple

Keeping it simple

Activation, training, and upgrade fees – be gone! All you need is a dealership management platform with down-to-the-penny accuracy for a reasonable monthly price. Said another way, all you need is Blackpurl.


Giving you what you need

Dealership management software charges your dealership for every feature in their over-engineered product, whether your dealership uses it or not. Blackpurl charges you for what you use.


Retail excellence

DMS was born when man first walked on the moon. When dealerships were just four walls, fixed business hours, and customer-filled showrooms. Today’s customer requires more from you and your technology.

You may have a case of "the DMS"

If you check any of the following symptoms, it may be a sign that you have a case of “The DMS.” Reach out to us, and we have an antidote. 


There is a better way to run your dealership or shop.

It's the world's first Dealership Management Platform.

You deserve a real solution. The solution should be simple, mobile, inexpensive, and able to run your business.

Here are the top 5 reasons
dealers are joining the Blackpurl movement

Throwing DMS to the Bin

Reason #1

Move beyond Dealer Management Software (DMS).
Remember when you discarded your DVD player and got Netflix – exactly.

Digital era

Reason #2

Employee retention.
Young staff members born in the digital era demand a simple, connected, and mobile tool to perform their job.

Subscription icon

Reason #3

The subscription economy is so much better for your business.
*Subscription means no upfront price, no training fees – pay as you go and for what you use.


Reason #4

The system is hosted in the cloud, not on site.
Blackpurl is built on the $150Bn Salesforce.com platform, giving you computing power and reliability that dwarfs the DMS industry.


Reason #5

We move fast.
Once you decided to go with Blackpurl, we can start the process in minutes. Enhancements, features, and fixes are delivered (globally) at the press of a button. There’s no waiting for trainers, new servers, and geeks.
Grab your phone and make some money! Blackpurl

If any of this rings true for you, reach out and explore the future today

Rebelling against DMS has never felt so easy.