Finally, you can manage your dealership with a simple, powerful, and connected platform.

Blackpurl is the cloud-based dealership management platform leading the way with simplicity, connectivity, and future-friendliness.

The platform makes it easier to optimize parts, service, sales, and accounting operations at your dealership—while giving you the flexibility to work wherever you want.

Bottom line: Blackpurl is simple, powerful, flexible, and connected.

With next-generation functionality, a clean, tablet-friendly layout, and seamless integrations with leading platforms like QuickBooks Online and Shopify, Blackpurl empowers you to run your dealership the way you’ve always wanted.

A cloud-based dealership management software that’s as easy-to-use as Google and priced for every size dealership

“If you can use basic modern computer programs like Windows, you’d be fine with Blackpurl. There’s nothing complicated about it.”
Chris Ellis Head shot Blackpurl Testimonial

Chris Elles

Owner – Rolling Thunder Harley-Davidson

The Problem:

You're Using Outdated Technology (DMS) To Run Your Modern-Day Dealership

If you want to manage sales, service, parts, and accounting with an easy, tablet-friendly, platform designed for today’s on-the-go dealer, then Blackpurl may be for you.

Quickly log in and work from anywhere in the world, on any tablet or computer with access to the internet.

Tired of using beautiful apps at home, and difficult software at work? Blackpurl solves that problem with the industry’s easiest-to-use layout and flow–making it easy to adopt, learn, and use every day to make your business more efficient.

Does This Sound Familiar?

DMS Outdated Accounting Module

Your current DMS is a jack of some trades and a master of none.

Software is only as good as its useability. If it’s complicated, slow, and lacking functionality it’s time for a change.

Most DMS options simply aren't designed for the needs of a modern-day dealership.

When dealerships were brick-and-mortar only, a server-based DMS was a great option. However, businesses now need a flexible, ecommerce-friendly system available to them 24/7.

The Solution: Blackpurl

Run Your Dealership The Way You Want, With The Tech You Want

(We’re not another DMS, we’re something different and better)

Blackpurl is for dealerships that think differently. That want a solution that’s built for the future of the industry. And are done being forced to use outdated technology.

See why Chris Ellis from Rolling Thunder Harley-Davidson Upgraded from DMS to Blackpurl. 

Start With The Customer

The Ultimate All-In-One Platform

From Technology to Activations and Support

Setting up any new platform takes work, that’s why we’ve built an onboarding process that allows you to get your dealership live in 4 weeks.

Ready for a different and better activation experience?

Blackpurl UI Sales Page

We live in the real world.

Get Your Team Trained

Run Your Dealership

Sales, parts, service, accounting and more. The demands of running a dealership never end. Blackpurl lets you focus on your day-to-day operations by providing an all-in-one platform that grows with your needs. 

Are you tired of trying to use an outdated DMS model to run your shop? Blackpurl gives you everything you need in a modern, connected package.

Don’t just take our word–dealerships across the globe that have joined the Blackpurl revolution.

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Join the hundreds of dealers rebelling against DMS

(We’re not putting lipstick on a pig here, we’re roasting the entire hog.)

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