Trailer Dealership Management System

What is a trailer dealership management system?

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The key to a successful trailer dealership is to keep inventory moving. Customers want product now, so you need to balance short lead times with guaranteed order fulfilment to keep clients happy and cash flow flowing.

Used and reconditioned units, spare parts and service are other areas of a trailer dealership where good profits can be made, so having a trailer dealership management system that oversees them all is crucial for long term prosperity.

A dealership management system was traditionally onsite and server-based, it required lots of manual data input and many dealers often felt their slow and clunky proprietary systems were working against them rather than for them.

But today’s dealership management system is a whole different ball game. Cloud-based platforms like Blackpurl’s trailer dealership management system give dealers the tools, transparency and mobility to run their entire business from anywhere, any time and from any mobile device.

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How can a dealership management system help me run my trailer dealership?

Blackpurl’s trailer dealership management system features smart order processing, intelligent inventory control and accounting integration and can show you exactly how your dealership is performing in real-time.

It gives you the tools to run your business the way you want, with complete control and transparency across all departments including;

  • Sales – the mobility to process orders and access info from the showroom floor.
  • Parts – the ability to see your inventory in real-time and to order parts quickly and easily.
  • Service – fast and accurate quote-building tools and automatically generated service reminders.
  • Accounts – real time costing and easy integration with Xero and Quickbooks.


Blackpurl’s trailer dealership management system is easy to use (simple tools and best practice workflows) and easy to learn (hours rather than days). So upgrade now to enjoy total transparency, improved productivity, happy customers and a healthier bottom line.