Trailer Dealership Management System

What is a trailer dealership management system?

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What is a trailer dealer management system (DMS)?

Turning back time to when man walked on the moon and dealerships were just four walls, DMS reigned the trailer industry. A trailer dealer management system is a solution that helps dealers manage and coordinate all aspects of their business, like sales, service, and parts. Before DMS, dealers had to do everything manually – clearly, this caused a lot of unnecessary hassle and left a lot of room for human error. 400 can quickly become 4,000 after enough pen and paper calculations. 

Trailer DMS made all these manual, tedious operations digital. This helped dealers centralize all parts of their business and get things done more efficiently. 

What is a trailer dealership management platform?

Rising from the ashes of conventional DMS is a dealership management platform. Trailer dealership management platforms are built for modern dealers who think differently. Built on the same technology as your favourite apps, dealership management platforms integrate with industry-leading solutions so your dealership has the best in breed accounting, CRM, and e-commerce tools at your fingertips.

The DMS model relies on long contracts and expensive start-up costs. Dealer management platforms have democratized the dealership business solution space by relying upon subscription models where the user only pays an affordable monthly fee for the features they use. Better yet, dealer management platforms are hosted in the cloud, so you don’t need an IT guy or maintenance technician – just a device with an internet connection.  

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How does a trailer dealer management platform operate in your shop?

You know when something just feels right? That’s the sensation you should get when you adopt your next dealership business solution. After taking part in an interactive demo, hundreds of dealers have trusted trailer dealership management platforms to run their shop.

See why. 

Does a dealership management platform have everything I need to run my trailer dealership?

Blackpurl’s trailer dealership management system features smart order processing, intelligent inventory control and accounting integration and can show you exactly how your dealership is performing in real-time.

It gives you the tools to run your business the way you want, with complete control and transparency across all departments including;

    • Sales – the mobility to process orders and access info from the showroom floor.
    • Parts – the ability to see your inventory in real-time and to order parts quickly.
    • Service – fast and accurate quote-building tools and automatic service reminders.
    • Accounts – real time costing and easy integration with Xero and Quickbooks.

Blackpurl’s trailer dealership management system is easy to use (simple tools and best practice workflows) and easy to learn (hours rather than days). So upgrade now to enjoy total transparency, improved productivity, happy customers and a healthier bottom line.