Blackpurl in a Sales Department

There's a better way to sell.

Blackpurl offers powerful and easy-to-learn sales department flows that will have your team doing more in less time. Track costs, quotes, accessories, customer history and more, from wherever you are.

Easy to quote and sell, wherever you are

Blackpurl makes it easy to manage your unit inventory, send quotes to customers, and manage sales transactions.

The platform offers a simple but powerful unit sale process that anyone can learn.

The best part? Do it from anywhere, on any PC, Mac, or tablet.

A dealership experience no one will forget

Blackpurl’s design is centered around the point of transaction.

The platform makes it easy to give a good sales experience that will keep the return visits and referrals coming. How? First, Blackpurl makes it fast and easy for dealership users to help with any customer request, including adding parts or accessories to a unit deal and keeping that entire process on one screen.

It makes other key elements of a good customer experience easy too–things like looking up customer history, SMS texting, adjusting unit and accessory quotes, and auto-filling required paper forms.

Change the game for your financial controller

If you’re selling a unit, you can create a service job attached to the sale which means all the costs of fitting accessories are then attributed to the deal–increasing the value of the customer over time and making sure profitability of the sale is accurately reflected. This saves your financial controller a headache.

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