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There's a better way to sell.

With Blackpurl’s deceptively simple tools and best practice workflows your team will become more effective, never leaving money on the table.

Motorcycle Dealership Management System​ Smart Search

The platform with guided selling built in

The platform has intelligent pre-built workflows which means your team is empowered to sell anything by being prompted on the next step to take in the sale. Watch all of your departments come to life and roam the showroom floor on their tablet or smartphone – even your parts manager can do a unit sale and your sales team can do a parts sale!

A dealership experience no one will ever forget

Every action your team takes on Blackpurl is centred around the customer’s profile – it tracks everything from unit sales to small merchandise sales to custom pricing levels. This means everyone receives a personal touch – no matter who it is in your team serving them. You can even text a customer straight from the app to tell them that their new bike is ready to be collected. 

Send a sales text to customer
Selling a Unit and servicing a job

Change the game for your financial controller

If you’re selling a unit, you can create a service job attached to the sale which means all the costs of fitting accessories are then attributed to the deal. Increasing the value of the customer over time and making sure profitability of the sale is accurately reflected – saving your financial controller a headache.

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