It's Time To Activate Your Blackpurl Account

Activations to Support

Congratulations on choosing Blackpurl! Now it’s time to get your account set up. The key to any successful activation is to follow the plan, participate in training, and ask questions.

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Expectations Agreement Customer Success

Expectations Agreement

We can’t wait to get you setup on Blackpurl. We’ve worked with a number of awesome dealerships like yours and learned that one way to get the most out of our partnership is to align our expectations together as quickly as possible.

We also promise to stick to everything below that we’re asking of you. Don’t worry, it’s not a one way street. 

1. You will choose one team member at your dealership to be your activations team lead. 

2. You agree that you will keep the agreed upon activation schedule to complete your activation within the allotted timeframe

3. You agree that your team will watch the Blackpurl Academy training videos.  

4. You agree to contact us with any concerns or issues throughout the process. 

5. You agree to read this documentation, ask questions and respond within 24 hours.

From Sales to Activations and Support

Setting up a new system takes work. Our goal is to have you go live within 4 weeks. To achieve this we need you to be fully invested and engaged throughout the activation process.

Blackpurl UI Sales Page

The Blackpurl Academy

On-Demand Department Training Videos Hosted by Udemy 

Parts Training

Service Training

Sales Training


Accounting Training

Need to Bring Over Your Old Data?

Export your current data and add it to Blackpurl’s Data Import Template to successfully upload your data into your new platform. 

Dedicated Local Support

Text us, call us*, or email us. Choose the right support channel to get the assistance you need.

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