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What is a motorcycle dealership management system?

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What is a motorcycle DMS?

A motorcycle dealer management system (DMS) is a software dealers use to manage and perform all of their day-to-day functions from sales, financing, and service operations. DMS was invented half a century ago – when motorcycle dealerships were just four walls and a showroom floor. While DMS was helpful for these early dealerships, DMS merely made the physical, pen-and-paper records digital. Operating on technology we all remember from grade-school, DMS once streamlined many dealership functions, but it is no longer able to keep up with the needs of today’s modern motorcycle dealerships. 

What is a motorcycle dealer management platform?

A dealership management platform is a fully integrated, cloud-based solution that does everything DMS. Dealer management platforms include smart order processing, intelligent inventory control, and world-class integrations that your team already knows and loves in order to give dealers the tools to manage their shop in real-time from any device. Unlike the hefty costs, strict contracts, and “one-size-fits-all” features built into the DMS model, dealer management platforms have no upfront costs and operate on a subscription model, so you pay as you go for exactly what you use. 

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How does a dealership management platform fit into a motorcycle shop?

Today’s dealers don’t require a “better” DMS – they need an entirely different and real solution. The solution should be simple, mobile, inexpensive, and allow you to run your business the way you’ve always wanted to.

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Does a dealership management platform have everything I need run my motorcycle dealership?

Blackpurl’s dealership management platform gives you total control and transparency across all areas of your motorcycle dealership including;

  • Sales – the tools to access info and process orders without leaving the showroom floor.
  • Parts – real-time inventory control and the ability to order parts quickly and easily.
  • Service – accurate quote-building and automatically generated service reminders.
  • Accounts – real-time costing and integration with Xero and Quickbooks.

Our motorcycle dealership management system is fully mobile, easy to learn (it takes a matter of hours rather than weeks) and gives you the tools to provide your clientele with timely, attentive service and a truly great customer experience.