Parts Department

The cure to your aging inventory wrinkles

Is aging inventory keeping you up at night? Get that weight off your shoulders. We’ve helped some of the world’s top performing dealerships reach the gold standard for inventory management.

FIFO Parts Accounting at Dealership

FIFO inventory management

Blackpurl is built on FIFO accounting principles giving you 100% certainty that the true profitability is recorded on everything you sell. Track every piece of inventory and see your part sales history for your dealership, in real-time. 

Get perfect parts recommendations

Group together parts by your other vendors so if you don’t have a part in stock your team will be recommended a suitable replacement part from what else is in stock. You parts managers will always have the most up to date stock information at their fingertips and can add part suggestions to a customer’s order instantly. 

parts recommendations in platform
Organize parts at dealership and shop

Organize parts

Group parts together with tags to mark seasonality or specials.

Create special order when out of stock

Special orders

Take a deposit and create special orders for parts not in stock.

Set custom price levels

Custom price levels

Attach a special price level to your loyal customers profile and it will always add to your order. 

Target slow moving stock of parts

Get on top of slow moving stock

Every time your team places an order with your vendors they’ll be notified which parts are running low and which are overstocked. By setting automatic reorder points or minimum and maximum inventory levels you’re never caught off guard – and your inventory doesn’t gather dust on the shelves.

Track every nook and cranny

Maintain accurate costs for every stock item every time your inventory level changes. Blackpurl records vendor invoices and instantly updates the profitability on all completed sales transactions involving every part – no manual adjustments or weighted average-cost estimates needed. 

Track costs and parts inventory

Are you running on FIFO?

When it comes to inventory management and preventing aging inventory, there are some non-negotiables.