Integrated dealership accounting with Blackpurl and QuickBooks Online

QuickBooks Online + Blackpurl

The best-available QuickBooks Online integration that dealership accountants love

  • Automatic, real-time sync between Blackpurl and QuickBooks Online
  • Syncs Invoices, Bills, Journal Entries, and more
  • Transparent and flexible mapping
  • Make a mistake? A manager can quickly and cleanly reverse customer transactions from within Blackpurl.
  • Blackpurl is proud to be part of the QuickBooks Solution Provider program and offers QuickBooks Online on the same invoice as Blackpurl

How the integration works:

  1. When you complete a transaction in Blackpurl, it immediately syncs to QuickBooks Online.

  2. This happens automatically, in real time. No manual push needed.

  3. If you notice a mistake with a closed transaction, no problem–undo it cleanly with Blackpurl’s SmartReverse function. Then correct and re-submit.

  4. Other key tasks, like charging on account, looking up customer accounts receivable, and finalizing part inventory counts sync smoothly as well.

  5. Regular dealership staff aren’t required to have access to QuickBooks Online as customer transactions are handled within Blackpurl.
Diagram of how Blackpurl and QuickBooks Online split dealership duties

Rated 5-stars on the QuickBooks Online App Store

Blackpurl's seamless QuickBooks Online integration simplifies your accounting.

5 Star Review Capterra DMS
Modern Dealership Software

Re-open transactions from within Blackpurl

profitability screen on iPad

View your financials from anywhere

Quickbooks Integration DMS Auto Sync

Sync transactions in real time

Service Department Technician Reporting

Sync invoices, bills, and journal entries

The Standard: QuickBooks Online

QuickBooks Online has become the standard for small to medium-sized businesses in North America.

Powerful accounting and financial analysis in an easy-to-use platform, QuickBooks Online offers everything a dealership needs when combined with Blackpurl.

See how your business is doing with a range of popular reports. Instantly check and customize your profit and loss, balance sheet, accounts payable, and dozens of other reports. 

Advanced Capability

QuickBooks Online Advanced: More intelligence and flexibility

Advanced is the highest-tier offering from QuickBooks Online, designed for growing businesses that need more advanced features and capabilities.

A few of the dealership game changers:

  • Customize access and restrict sensitive areas within QuickBooks Online
  • Create custom automations – for example, make a workflow that automatically notifies a certain staff member when a payable over a specified dollar amount arrives
  • Track employee expenses
A Blackpurl customer order screen

Modern integrated accounting is better.

Until now, most dealerships used:

A. Generic retail software

(doesn’t handle a unit-focused dealership very well)

B. A dealership software with proprietary accounting
(antiquated, limited functionality)

C. A software with a basic push to QuickBooks
(not an integrated experience)


Now, with Blackpurl bundling QuickBooks Online as the financial module of its platform, you can have your cake and eat it too. 

How? You have the simplest and most powerful dealership platform seamlessly connected to the top cloud-based accounting system. 

This allows your staff to use a dealership-specific platform for their daily work, while plugging into the top mainstream accounting ecosystem.

The best of both worlds.

The Power to Reverse

Someone make a mistake on a customer order? No problem. Re-opening a customer invoice is easy.

Just hit the SmartReverse button, and Blackpurl checks to see if it can cleanly undo the transaction.

If it can, just hit “Re-open” to pull the transaction back from QuickBooks Online.

Then, just correct the Customer Order and re-submit. The corrected transaction will go over to QuickBooks Online instantly and in real time.

Xero ReOpen Invoice
SmartReverse in action

Save 50% For Your First 3 Months

Blackpurl users in the USA who sign up for QuickBooks Online through their Blackpurl Product Specialist can save 50% off their QuickBooks subscription for the first 3 months.

If you are located outside of the USA, please contact your Product Specialist for a limited-time offer. 

Want a demo of our QuickBooks Online integration or to speak to your representative about this limited time offer? Contact us now.

Bundle for convenience.

QuickBooks Online and Blackpurl on one invoice

In 2023, Blackpurl joined the QuickBooks Solution Provider program, which means that we’re now bundling QuickBooks Online as the financial module of Blackpurl’ s dealership platform.

This means you can purchase QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Payroll directly through Blackpurl as part of your package. Please see a product specialist to learn more.

Frequently Asked Questions

QuickBooks Online operates on a subscription model. You can access QuickBooks Online on any device, anywhere – all it requires is an Internet connection and for you to know your login name and password.  All transactions are backed up automatically to the cloud. You must be using QuickBooks Online to integrate with Blackpurl.

QuickBooks Desktop is bought for a one-time fee. The software is only installed on one computer, so all processing must be completed from that computer.  An internet connection is not required. You are responsible for backing up your own data. QuickBooks Desktop is not compatible with Blackpurl. 

All Blackpurl users can integrate with QuickBooks Online.

A dealer will require the QuickBooks Online Essentials, Plus, or Advance plan.

There are no additional costs to set up the Blackpurl integration with QuickBooks Online. 

See Blackpurl and QuickBooks Live

Keep track of your parts, unit inventory, customers, vendors and all of their associated transactions with Blackpurl’s QuickBooks-certified accounting integration. 

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