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“The biggest impact Blackpurl has made is all the little impacts it's made along the way. There’s so many processes its improved. 3 or 4 touchpoints before and now its 1-2 to complete a task.”
Rob Reed
Owner - Peak Xceleration

Peak Xceleration's Favourite Features

Dealership Management Software Accounting Integrations

Quickbooks Integration

FIFO Parts Accounting at Dealership

Parts & Service invoices

Set custom price levels

POS System

Why They Made The Switch

Peak Xceleration wasn’t able to keep their inventory balanced with another DMS they were using that wasn’t performing to the scope they needed. The company was also struggling with their week to week price lists and were originally doing this manually which wasn’t effective. With Blackpurl, they were able to export their price lists and they can tweak it easily directly on the platform.


What is a Powersports Dealership Management System? 

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