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“We have thousands of parts here and being able to keep track of that is huge. There’s lots of ways it (Blackpurl) inspires and influences the company to grow on multiple levels.”
Kevin Brechbill
Owner - Brechbill Trailers

Brechbill Trailer favorite features

Dealership Management Software Accounting Integrations

Quickbooks Integration

FIFO Parts Accounting at Dealership

Parts & Service invoices

Set custom price levels

POS Sytem

Why They Chose Blackpurl

Almost immediately the team at Brechnill Trailers fell in love with the parts tracking and invoicing features in Blackpurl. Brechbill Trailers didn’t have time to be offline and was able to transition from their old DMS system to Blackpurl in just three days. It was one of the easiest transitions they’ve made moving from one software solution to another.

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