5 Ways to Strengthen Customer Communication in a Dealership


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When it comes to business, there are three C’s that keep the motor running smoothly, Collaboration, Cooperation, and above all, Communication. 

Communication within a business can be the catalyst in a skyrocketing success story or a Titanic failure. With that said, communication doesn’t always come as simply or easily as we might hope. So how can we keep the communication strong, and therefore our teams and businesses stronger? Let’s speed into the five most effective ways to enhance strong and smooth communication between the dealership and our customers. 

Acknowledge the Customer ASAP

Customers want to feel seen and acknowledged when they come into a dealership, even if they are just browsing. It’s important to acknowledge them as soon as they enter and inquire about what they hope to get out of their visit. Often, you can establish how much help or attention a customer wants within the first few minutes of speaking with them. Even if a person is not in a position to make a purchase that day, this initial interaction can set up a lead for future sales. Listening can be the most important element of this first conversation with a potential customer. Hearing their needs and directing them to something that could actually work for them will set you apart. 

Use technology that helps

Using technology that has been created specifically to aid in effortless communication within dealerships can be a huge benefit if and when used correctly. Technology such as Blackpurl offers several different features that make communication between the sales associate and the customer simple and easy. Let’s start with one of the most straightforward ones which is internal note-taking. There is a note creation feature within the program that allows anyone working at the dealership to make notes on a customer’s file. By doing this, it can enhance the customer experience tenfold the next time we see them in the dealership. Anyone helping that customer at any time has access to this information and can therefore provide a more in-depth and enjoyable experience.  

Beat the Customer to the Punch

When a customer brings a product into the dealership for any reason, they always want to be kept in the loop about it. By contacting the customer before they feel like they need to contact the dealership, it creates trust with that customer that is unparalleled and exceeds expectations. One way to do this is to utilize dealership-to-customer texting. If there is something a bike or unit needs, beat your customer to the punch by contacting them before they come back to pick it up. This will help customers understand they have the option to have everything done at once, as opposed to needing to make another appointment. Taking this proactive step can show the customer that you are on the ball, in the know, and keeping them looped in when it comes to their product.

Over Explain

Always assume a customer has little to no information on what will be happening to their product. It is helpful to thoroughly explain the process to everyone bringing a product into the dealership. Setting up time-frame expectations will help create more of an understanding, and explaining the process to them helps eliminate any unexpected costs to the customer. 

Have the hard conversations

When it comes to units, sometimes issues can arise. It’s important to feel confident in having tough conversations with the customer quickly and effectively about what’s going on with their products. For example, if a customer brings in their motorcycle for a tune-up, and the mechanic notices an issue that needs to be dealt with, the customer should be notified as quickly as possible with a full explanation. This conversation could include an unexpected cost but the sooner the conversation is had the better the customer will feel about it. 

Building strong and unique relationships with your client base can be a key player in customer retention. Taking advantage of these very simple yet effective communication tools can help strengthen these relationships and therefore your bottom line.   

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