7 Creative Ways to Recycle Your Old DMS Server


With so many dealers taking the plunge and making the switch from their old dealership management systems (DMSs) to Blackpurl, one question lingers in the minds of many clients: what should I do with my old server? 

Luckily, we have a great answer: Blackpurl is cloud-based, meaning once you upgrade your system, you won’t need to manage or host your own servers EVER again. To help our dealer friends, we’ve compiled a list of seven creative ways to reuse your old DMS server(s). 

1. Donate It to a Retirement Community: 

Give the elderly a blast from the past by gifting them with a piece of the ’90s nostalgia you’ve been holding onto! Imagine living in a retirement home and in the corner of the common area is that old-school server you used to run your dealership with. 

The residents will love reminiscing about their childhood memories, getting excited over some old-school Nintendo gameplay, or catching up on eBay auctions while playing some Rumi.

2. Set up a Team Bonding Exercise:

Slow, cumbersome, and, quite honestly, a pain in the neck—we all know how frustrating using an outdated DMS can be. Grab a few bats and some golf clubs, and give your employees the opportunity to channel some of the feelings they’ve been stuffing down while using an out-of-date system for so long. 

3. Create DMS Repurpose Art:

There’s a new art trend that converts outdated and useless items into priceless pieces of art. Rather than spending thousands on art deco for the outside of your dealership, grab a few cans of spray paint from Lowes, crank up some tunes, and let your Andy Warhol creative juices flow. 

4. Makeshift Chairs and Desks: 

We understand the startup costs of a new business: every dollar matters. Are you short of a seat in the office or in need of a standing desk? Those blocky servers are pretty sturdy and can double as both chairs and desks. As your team grows, why not save a few dollars by rolling out the server and leaving it next to a desk or a water cooler? Millennials are widely known for being pretty inventive and adaptable. After all, they witnessed the evolution of the cell phone and took part in the crossover from dial-up to high-speed internet. If you’ve got old servers kickin’ around the office, don’t worry: your employees will know what to do with them.  

And don’t forget the servers stack. Just grab a few and toss them underneath your desk and monitor and finally build your own stand-up desk.

5. A Prop in Your Social Media Content: 

Chances are you have some of the coolest toys around at your dealership. And these days, the ’90s are making a comeback in some of the best ways possible. Why not up your cool by challenging your team to incorporate your old server into their next TikTok or Reel? You’ll probably be blown away by some of the creative things they come up with! 

6. New Employee Lounge: 

Sometimes you just need a break, so turn that old area into a lounge for your team. Stock with snacks, juices, and maybe even a server chair or two.

7. Have an Idea of Your Own?  

If you have a better idea or have already recycled your own server that was running an outdated management system, send us a note and we’ll add it to the post.

Ready to Recycle Your DMS Server?

When it comes to figuring out what to do with your server, don’t stress. Use the transition from your old DMS server to Blackpurl as an opportunity to be creative and have fun. And don’t forget to share your ideas with us using #NoMoreDMS. 

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