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Peak Xceleration Success Story



Peak Xceleration is a powersports dealership located in Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada. From work to fun to day to day, Peak Xceleration offers a wide variety of Powersports products, equipment, accessories, and services.

They have been using Blackpurl for about three years now. Blackpurl’s modern dealership management platform has allowed the dealership to streamline their parts, service, inventory sales, and accounting processes in one, easy to navigate the application.

We sat down with Peak Xceleration’s operations manager, Rod Reed, to learn more about where their dealership was before Blackpurl, how Blackpurl has helped them, and what features the team has been enjoying most. Keep reading to learn more about Peak Xceleration’s journey with Blackpurl.

Where was Peak Xceleration before Blackpurl?

 Before Blackpurl, Peak Xceleration was using a standard DMS. However, unlike a cloud-based, modern dealer management platform, the DMS they were using was unable to keep their inventory balanced and failed to perform at the scope the dealership needed.  Like any growing dealership, the former pen and paper, Excel, and standard DMS combination Peak Xceleration had adopted was no longer sustainable. Under this manual system, the dealership struggled with updating their price lists week to week, keeping track of inventory, and efficiently performing various accounting functions. Peak Xceleration has now been using Blackpurl for about three years. lt has helped them run their dealership more efficiently than ever, noting that “the biggest impact Blackpurl has made is all the little impacts it has made along the way.”  Here are the Blackpurl features that helped Peak Xceleration the most:

Here are the Blackpurl features that helped Peak Xceleration the most:

1) QuickBooks Online integration

 Blackpurl’s seamless integration with Quickbooks Online was one of the most appealing features since this enabled Peak Xceleration to outsource their accounting and get real-time visibility into the dealership’s financial performance. With QuickBooks Online, the dealership was able to access consistent and accurate financial reporting. Rob Reed says, “The accounting department is very happy to see all the checks and balances directly in Blackpurl.” With our seamless accounting integration, Peak Xceleration has been able to keep its customers, vendors, and sales transactions in check with real-time synchronization. Rob and his team have found the integration very simple to use, understand, and implement. Rob explains: “When we close a service order, it goes right upstairs to accounting. [Blackpurl] integrates directly into our Quickbooks; we don’t even have to touch it.”  

“By integrating with well-known accounting software that your accountant already knows, you and your team save yourselves a timely learning curve.” 

2)  Parts and service invoices

 Something that stands out to Rob is Blackpurl’s improvements to their parts and service invoicing. Once they receive an invoice, they can move it directly to a POS and reconcile it directly with Quickbooks within Blackpurl. Before leveraging Blackpurl’s accounting integration, Rob says this process was “four touchpoints, but with Blackpurl, it’s become two touchpoints and it’s done.” Blackpurl records vendor invoices and instantly updates the profitability on all completed sales transactions involving every part – no manual adjustments or weighted average-cost estimates are needed. With the easy to use interface, the Peak Xceleration team was able to consolidate vendor pricing, track the profitability of parts, import vendor price files, and manage on-hand inventory – things they were unable to do under their previous system.  Rob Reed comments on how Blackpurl made service invoicing easy: “It makes it really easy to separate [the technicians’] tasks, and it allows them to come in each day and just do their job. Everything is point and click, so it is straightforward.” On Blackpurl, you can track time, productivity and efficiency for all of your technicians on every service job. Simply add a checklist to Blackpurl to guide your technician to work through the job type – from warranty claim, a multi-job process involving write-offs, insurance claims and much more.  

3) POS system

 Blackpurl is so simple to use; anyone in the dealership can sell anything over the counter. The system guides users through every process and prompts them on the next step to take to complete a sale. With Blackpurl’s POS system, Peak Xceleration could easily handle partial payments, deposits and special orders. Furthermore, they can now assign custom prices to services and parts by a customer, keep connected by emailing invoices to customers, and communicate with their customers via SMS.  What used to be numerous separate processes for Peak Xceleration are now integrated with Blackpurl’s intuitive POS system. Rob Reed notes: 

“[Blackpurl] is so simple to use, but it is designed in a way so it can handle the most complex processes too.” 

What does using Blackpurl on a daily basis look like for Peak Xceleration?

 Rob Reed describes his everyday experience with Blackpurl as both “quick” and “simple.” He elaborates, stating: “I’ve brought on new staff, and they’re up to date within a week. They are up to speed and completely know what they are doing.” While new technologies always bring learning curves, Blackpurl eliminates the need for training. Firstly, the interface is very intuitive, as it follows a point and click/drag and drop model. Additionally, departmental training videos are available to ensure every team member can learn their specific role independently. Importantly, Blacpurl comes with real-time chat support, so no matter how detailed the issue or when problems arise, one of our highly skilled support staff can help you find the solution – right from your desktop or mobile device.  Before Blackpurl, Peak Xceleration was accustomed to conducting business manually. However, they say that one of the largest benefits they reaped from Blackpurl is how the system combines every aspect of their operations into one, easy to navigate workflow. Rob says:  

“On a daily basis, we have really enjoyed the experience of the workflow. The workflow is just seamless.”

 Are you a growing dealership like Peak Xceleration? Are you curious about how a dealership management platform like Blackpurl can fit into your day-to-day operations? Book a demo with our trusted team and visit our site to learn more.

Peak Xceleration Success Story

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