Feature Release 2.25.0


Feature Release 2.25.0

 What’s new?

Ordering Packaged Parts as Individual Items

If a part is setup in Blackpurl to be a packaged part, this new enhancement will allow users the ability to now order this packaged part as individual items from another Vendor (other than the Primary Vendor on the Part Record)

What’s improved? 

  • Resolved – an issue with tax exemptions being ignored when the Customer Order is flagged as a Quote
  • Resolved – an issue when processing Vendor Receiving and receiving parts one at a time from the outstanding items list
  • Improved – issue causing Service Jobs to be listed out of order in the Service Job documents
  • Resolved – issue which incorrectly hid the labor code costing controls when the advanced technician costings were not enabled
  • Resolved – accounting integration issue encountered when a unit was received with a zero cost which adjusted after the unit was added to a deal
  • Resolved – the issue which occasionally did not update the deal options status to Fulfilled
  • Improved – Kits can be added to Customer Order > Third Party Service Jobs
  • Resolved – editing stock units which changed the base unit reference number when the unit had a zero cost
  • Improved – Added a restriction to Vendor Invoices for Parts to not allow them to be finalized when they do not contain any line items or other charges
  • Resolved – an issue which caused the default tax on parts to not be assigned when manually creating new part records.



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