How a Dealership Management System App Should Work


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If you’re still using a legacy Dealership Management System, you’re probably experiencing many of these common problems:

  • Manual entry – much of your data has to be manually entered by staff, costing valuable time and leading to inevitable errors.
  • Lack of integration – important information is not readily available because different software is being used for different tasks and nothing is integrated.
  • Ongoing costs – you’re locked into a multi-year contract and paying for upgrades or features you don’t even use.
  • Generic software – your DMS has generic features that are not specifically designed for your type of dealership. 
  • Not user-friendly – your legacy system requires specialist knowledge to operate and each new team member has to undergo intensive (and often expensive) training.
  • Lack of mobility – your staff are tied to their desktops instead of being out on the showroom floor where their customers are.

A great DMS makes your dealership mobile, so you can do business from anywhere 

Mobility is very important for a dealership these days and a modern cloud-based DMS would allow you to access your important information from any computer.

Take that one step further with Blackpurl’s cloud-based DMS app and your team will have the ability to do business from anywhere on any device. A mobile app means you can log in from anywhere 24/7 and make real time decisions based on up to date and accurate data. 

Check product information for a client on the showroom floor, check the status of an order in the parts department or snap and text photos of a service job for instant customer approval. Everything you need to run your dealership is right there in real time in the palm of your hand.

Because your dealership information is stored in the cloud, it’s also more secure from threats than on an onsite server, more fail-safe and disaster-proof due to geo redundancy and more easily scalable in peak demand times. And it’s cheaper to run than an onsite server, with no IT or maintenance requirements. 

A great DMS keeps inventory information up to date and accurate

Knowing what you have in stock, both on the showroom floor and in the parts department, is the key to your dealership’s profitability. And a great DMS like Blackpurl tells you all this and more. 
With our DMS app, you can:

  • Track your inventory – track every item in your inventory and view the sales history for every unit and every part in real time.
  • Track cost & profitability – track the cost and profitability of each item, allowing you to identify your most profitable stock.
  • Stay fully informed – stay up to date with stock availability and special order statuses via predictive alerts.
  • Set inventory limits – preset minimum and maximum inventory levels, so that stock never runs out or sits on the shelf for too long.
  • Perform consolidated purchasing – maintain accurate costs on every item every time your inventory level changes. 
  • Create a parts backup – group parts from all vendors together, so if you don’t have a particular part in stock, a suitable replacement will be recommended.
  • Set special price levels – attach special price levels to the profiles of loyal customers so they receive discounts on their orders.

With a great DMS, your financial controller won’t be pulling their hair out 

One of the major benefits of having a great dealer management system such as Blackpurl is that it features real-time costing. This is a vital tool for your accounting and finance team, as rather than just estimating your inventory for quarterly profit reporting, they can provide an accurate and up to date picture.

Real-time costing also eliminates the likelihood of errors, which your accounts department would otherwise have to spend valuable time tracking down and resolving.

The other big advantage of Blackpurl is that it integrates seamlessly with popular accounting software Xero and Quickbooks. 

So rather than having to learn the intricacies of a legacy DMS, your accounts team can use tools they are familiar with, ensuring more accurate, efficient and compliant accounting practices.

With Blackpurl, your accounts team can:

  • Reduce bookkeeping time – all invoices, purchase orders, payments and receipts will automatically transfer.
  • View accurate inventory – see 100% accurate parts pricing, with no need to average or guesstimate.
  • Manage complex calculations with confidence – easily calculate foreign exchange rates, landing fees and tax-inclusive or exclusive pricing.

Is your DMS working for you or against you?

Like to learn how a great DMS can work for your dealership? If you’re tired of running your business by the seat of your pants, contact us at Blackpurl and let us show you how to start running it from the palm of your hand.

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