New Feature Release 2.62 Blackpurl

New Feature Release Blackpurl


In Feature Release 2.62 we’ve enhanced the service document format, updated the parts movement report with more functionalilty, added more apprvoed dymo label printers for our dealers to choose from, and updated how Undeposited Funds General Ledger is synced with Undeposited Cash payment method. Below is everthing you need to know in detail.

Service Document Format

We have been asked by quite a few Dealerships for changes to our Service Documents

We have collated these requests and have made a few changes to the Service Job Worksheet / Service Job Review and have also introduced a Customer Service Job document.  A few things that have changed:

  • Styling is more in line with the Customer Order Invoices
  • Barcode is now included on the Service Job Worksheet
  • More information about the Job ie when it was opened / name of the technicians assigned
  • More information about the Unit ie plate number / serial and engine numbers / additional unit fields that were created
  • the ability to now print a Customer Service Job – this document will hide all non-customer payable values and can be given to the Customer to show all the work performed even if they are not paying for it.  This was introduced for Third Party Service Jobs, the customer may want to know what work is done but the Dealership does not want to share the prices that the Third Party are getting charge

For a full list of what has been changed on the Service Documents, please review our article – Service Worksheet / Service Job Review / Customer Service Order

Change to the Part Movement Report 

We have made a few changes to this report.  This report was only listing parts with activity during the selected date range yet the sidebar totals included parts without activity

Now by default, both will only list information for parts with activity during the selected date range

A new filter has been added called “Include parts without activity” and when the user enables this both the listing and the totals will include parts with and without activity during the date range

For further information, please review our article – Reporting – Part Movement

Barcode Label Printers  

For our Dealerships that currently have the Dymo LabelWriter 450 and the Dymo LabelWriter 450 Turbo installed and running with the Dymo Webservice there will be no change.

For our new Dealerships or for Dealerships that are looking to update their barcode printer, we now support the following barcode label printers:
Dymo Label DMS

This will make it a lot easier for Dealerships to source barcode printers and also install the printers themselves

Dealerships will need to install the barcode printer and then downloading and installing the Dymo Connect software

For further information please review these updated articles – Recommended Peripherals (Printers / Scanners) and Dymo Connect Software

Payment Methods

When a payment method is enabled by the user, we will now automatically set the Undeposited Funds General Ledger for that payment method to be the same as the Undeposited Cash payment method

For further information, please review our article – Selecting Payment Methods (Step 6)

To learn more about our most up to date feature releases, please visit our Knowledge Base. 

New Feature Release Blackpurl

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