Should You Move Your Old Data to Your New DMS?

data being stored on paper to being moved to a dms


New year, new DMS – sound familiar? With 2022 coming into full swing, dealers are realizing that they no longer have to run their dealerships on Windows 95. 

We understand that implementing any new technology in your dealership – from a coffee machine to a DMS – is a big change. Many dealers find themselves asking if they should move their old data to their new DMS. We’re here to help.

In talking with dealers, here are a couple popular questions they have about moving over their data:

1) How much history should you bring to your new DMS?

At the end of the day, data is just numbers and letters – whether it’s a decades worth or 12 months worth. What is more important to ask yourself is how much information are you going to need on day one?

We suggest that dealers should have access to all of their part records and inventory, customer records, and vendor information. Beyond this, it is up to the dealer to decide what they find crucial in order to get back to their day-to-day operations.

2) What about transaction history?

We recommend that dealers still download their old data from their old operating system, but don’t upload it all into your new system. It is important to keep your new system fresh and clean – don’t taint it with old, largely irrelevant, and potentially inaccurate data. 

Instead, put your transactional data into an accessible hard drive. Unlike parts inventory and customer records, this is not data that you need immediately – you just need to have it accessible just in case. 

Overall, it is imperative that you keep your new DMS clean and bring over only what you need on day 1. Secondary data, like transaction information, can live elsewhere. Your DMS should only be filled with the most critical and accurate data.

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data being stored on paper to being moved to a dms

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