3 Key Takeaways from AIM Expo: Let’s talk Digital


At AIM Expo’s Disruptive Thinking education panel, the panelists shared their experiences and insights on the customer experience in the current digital era. The panel encouraged dealers to connect, learn, and shape the path of our collective journey, with a live Q&A session with the audience. 


So here are 3 key takeaways from the panel in short: 

More dealers and customers prefer using smartphones and easily accessible technologies. They are turning more towards digital platforms to engage with businesses. Interaction between dealerships and their customers is growing faster than ever before and we see this as an opportunity for dealers to take advantage of and take their businesses further. 

Digital platforms allow customers to ask questions, browse, and make purchases, on the go. No need to make extra time during or outside of work hours to visit dealerships in person or sit down in front of a clunky desktop computer for hours. They’re getting the information they need at their fingertips. Instead, they want to spend more time with their family and do more leisure activities they enjoy. 

And most importantly, it all comes down to saving money and time, while getting the same result. 

Adapting cloud systems and storage can be another way of making the absolute most out of this digital shift. It is easily accessible from any device and wherever they are located, the data will be in sync in real-time. Especially for any dealerships that are looking to reduce costs whilst scaling the business, dealership management systems built on the cloud should be on top of your list to dig further into. 

Be ready to embrace it and ride with us on this digital wave!

Dealerships collect huge amounts of data from many different sources, including customer interactions, online behavior, and sales transactions. The key is to organize and categorize the data in a way that is easily accessible and relevant to your specific business goals.

Want to boost your cash flow? Pay attention to how your sales trend looks throughout each year. Which month shows the highest numbers and which month shows the lowest? Consider putting out more marketing efforts like throwing in promos, and specials, to let your customers know it’s time to snag deals during the busy months. During slower months, focus on collecting feedback from customers. What did they like or didn’t like? And how can you plan inventory for the next busy months coming up? Understand what your data is telling you and turn that into actionable items.

Right channeling is not rocket science. It is simply about knowing which communication tools work for your business to get your message across to potential and current customers. Each tool works differently and has a different purpose. 

If you want to sell more products or services to your existing customers, update your website regularly and engage customers through relatable content such as blog posts. This will help your business grow and expand your trust with customers. Start with something so simple yet as important to others as it is to you: write about a challenge you recently experienced and how you overcame that challenge. Or write about a recent finding that was fresh industry insight for you and share that with others. (Sharing is caring.) 

Social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn can be very powerful lead-generating machines. The costs are fairly reasonable for you to sustain this long term.

Don’t miss out on what these free digital platforms can bring you and your dealership business. 

So the real question is, should dealers be concerned about being left behind in the buying process due to advanced technology like Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

While the application might not be fully realized yet, the awareness is here, and it’s a timely discussion for the industry. The market is already witnessing the emergence of tools that bring the power of machine learning, taking the customer experience further. 

What’s most impressive and important for dealers to grasp is that these systems are designed to learn.

Dealerships can maintain their familiar routines and still boost efficiency with the help of AI. Rather than replacing your preferences, AI just makes it faster and easier. For example, chatbots are one of the most popular AI applications. It can answer questions and make recommendations for customers online while allowing you to talk with customers in person at the dealership. You can still do your thing – AI will only make it easier and faster. See it as your best employee. 

AI doesn’t necessarily have to be a replacement but an efficiency booster! 

The most innovative dealerships are bringing in hybrid solutions that bridge the gap between online and in-dealer choices. Seamless omnichannel experiences, virtual showrooms, and interactive online tools that offer more personal touch to the customers, such as business texting CRM platform Kenect, are becoming integral components of a dealership’s toolkit. This evolution helps your customers to continue their journey online and seamlessly transition to a rich, in-dealer experience when desired.

Click here to watch the webinar: https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/recording/9045927790213177345



The discussion on AI’s role is both timely and essential. It’s not just about staying relevant; it’s about proactively shaping the future of the industry. The convenience of browsing and purchasing processes for customers is only the tip of the iceberg. However, dealers must carry the healthy tension between digital and in-person experiences for customers – be efficient whilst keeping the personal touch in the customer journey. 

If you have something to share or would like to continue the conversation together, the Blackpurl team is all ears. Let us know at  sales@blackpurl.com

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