Blackpurl + Kenect Integration: Introducing Business Texting into Blackpurl


Exciting news is in the air for the Blackpurl and Kenect community! 

We are thrilled to share a game changing development that’s all about making your customers feel more connected to your dealership. The integration webinar that was held on the 22nd of February was a success as both teams shared integration updates and connected with the audience with a live Q&A session. Big thanks to all who participated and joined us at the event! 

If you missed the webinar, rewatch by clicking the link: 


Blackpurl is a cloud based dealership management software that is designed for dealers who want a simple but powerful platform that is easy to use. Web-based and tablet-friendly, Blackpurl offers dealers full functionality and easy-to-learn paths for doing common tasks from inventory management to service to sales. 

Kenect is a comprehensive communication solution designed to simplify and streamline interactions between dealerships and their customers. With the ever-increasing reliance on mobile communication, Kenect leverages the convenience of texting to offer a direct and efficient channel to communicate with customers. From appointment scheduling and service updates to general inquiries, the platform ensures that dealerships stay connected with their customers effortlessly.


Why the hype? Because it’s all about you! 

We know that genuine, direct, and easy communication is the heartbeat of any successful dealership. That’s why we’re bringing you this powerful integration – a blend of ease you love from our DMS and personalized business texting tool. 

What is in it for you?

Here are a few key features we think are worth mentioning: 

  1. Keep your current business number:
    With Kenect, there’s no need to get a new phone number. They’ll turn your current number into a textable number seamlessly so you won’t confuse customers and can get to texting faster!


  2. Increase lead generation by 260%:
    Install a “Text Us” widget to your website and see the leads fly in! By utilizing a “Text Us” widget, you’ll make yourself more available to customer inquiries and increase your leads. 
  3. Get 35x more reviews: 
    Kenect makes sending reviews quick and efficient. Easily send a personalized review request via text with a link to your preferred review site. The customer can easily click that link, write the review, and press send. Easy as 1, 2, 3!


  4. Send a text to hundreds of contacts at the same time:
    With Kenect’s broadcast messaging, you’ll save time by sending a single text that can reach hundreds of customers. Create custom groups and respond quickly and easily within the Kenect inbox.

Why choose Blackpurl + Kenect integration? 

  • Boost customer satisfaction with real, direct communication.
  • Navigate operations seamlessly with a unified platform.
  • Deliver personalized services that stand out.
  • Enjoy the flexibility of managing everything on-the-go.
  • Simplify your life with automated workflows.


We’re stoked to bring dealers more features that will help them succeed and grow. 

Stay tuned – we are only getting started! 

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